2015 Time to share!!


Hi.  I have been reading and getting ideas from Blogs and Pinterest for several months now.  I love reading about and getting inspiration from what others are creating and also hearing about the everyday joys of life in their homes and families.  I have got so much from these blogs that I thought it was time I stopped just taking and started giving. Some of favourites are http://www.thistlebearhome.com/ , http://bunnymummy-jacquie.blogspot.com/ , http://frugalandthankful.blogspot.com/ ( I love hearing about the new twins), http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/ , http://www.talesfromahappyhouse.com . I don’t think I am very interesting but I hope that perhaps sharing some of the things I am making may inspire others the way you have me.

My name is Sharon and I am still just the right side of forty!!.  I live in the South East of England fairly near the sea and the South Downs.  I am blessed with a lovely family.  Hubby – Howard, Daughter aged 17 – Abi and a 10 year old boy – Josh.  We are all fairly creative in different ways so hopefully more about that as time goes on.

(I love my family, I love crochet, I love making things, I love sewing and fabric – all those gorgeous patterns – and general crafts as well as baking.  Oh – and not to forget – I Love a bargain!!!

I get so much pleasure out of giving away what I make and this year – oops, I mean last year – I managed to make several Christmas presents but had a bit of a last minute rush to complete the bits for the children’s stockings that I had left until last. So this year the plan is to get started earlier but…first I have resolved to have January as a ME month.  (or more or less – yes that resolve is slipping already – Hubby reaches the big 40 at the beginning of Feb and I have a couple of ideas for Him!)


This is one of my ME projects.  You know the ones?!  When something with a deadline takes over and it goes to the bottom of the to do pile.  This granny blanket has sat there for over a year now! It has 3d flowers in the centre of some squares and owls in the centre of others.  I have completed most of the flower squares and the owls just need crocheted eyes, then buttons in the centre of those, feet and beaks!  and then of course the joy of joining them all together. (one row joined so far)!  I’m also debating whether or not to join with a pale blue instead of the cream as I am now introducing blue into our colour scheme with another of my WIP’s! (below)


Abi bought these for me at the stitch and knit show 2013 and gave them to me that Christmas.  I painted them red but did’t like it so I painted over with brown but still I wasn’t happy with them! They have been in the WIP’s pile waiting for inspiration.  But …..


… I have finally found what I think I need to make these frames work.  This decopatch paper just popped out at me in Hobbycraft yesterday.  (Along with rather a lot of other items – oops)!! I am thinking of adding  just sections of this paper overlapping the corners and sides?


Abi also gave me these gorgeous buttons with the frames,
which will hopefully add the finishing touches!!

Anyhow, I think it is time for me to go now before you get totally bored – if you even got this far.  I will hopefully be back soon.


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