Good intentions out of the window already!!

Hello again.

After a couple of busy days trying to get straight after Christmas I managed to get down to some crochet.  I had good intentions at the beginning of the week to make January a ‘Me’ month and work on my flower/owl granny blanket….then I remembered the ear warmers and boot cuffs!!  I had made these bright ones for Abi’s stocking but ran out of time to make the neutral ones.


They are made from chunky yarn.  I have fallen in love with chunky yarn this winter, it is so quick to work up.  The boot cuffs are made using this pattern and adapted for the chunky yarn.  I then used the pattern from the top of the cuffs to make a headband with a flower from the Party Artisan.

I used the same pattern again for the neutral cuffs and took the ear warmer from this pattern on Sadies basket, but used trebles (US doubles).


The chunky yarn meant they were soon completed!!

The weather has been a bit rough the last couple of days, yesterday I was out with Abi when we came across two floods, the first one she managed to drive through (She only passed her test 8 weeks ago so she did very well, I think she found it part scary and part exciting!!)  The second one she wisely turned back as there was a BMW stuck in the middle of it!! With all the rough weather it has been nice to be cosy indoors with my crochet!!

Abi has been sale shopping!!!!  She found this lovely skirt but it was a bit on the short side.  She is a good kid, she knows I don’t like her skirts too short so if she falls in love with a short one she brings it home with a Muuuuuum!!!  College takes up all her spare time (She is studying Photography, Textiles and Business so some very coursework intense subjects – I’ll try and put some of her work up on here soon!)  So, anyway, it was Mum’s job to lengthen it. I had some wide cream lace but it just wasn’t quite long enough so we dyed some white lace with tea and coffee and I stitched it on last night.


I think the lace adds to it and finishes it off, hopefully she will be pleased with it.

Well bye for now folks!  Got to take Josh swimming soon and then hopefully I can start another ‘Me’ project this eve (one with a deadline so I won’t keep putting it to one side!)


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