Thank You All For Your Inspiration

Thanks so much for all your inspiring posts.  here are a few things that are definitely on my to do list!

1 – One a Month

I had been thinking of trying to make bits for the children’s stockings throughout the year as this last year I had left them until after all the other gifts were made and then only had time for a couple each.  Well, then I saw this blog of Jennifers on Thisltebear .  She mentions her Martha Stewart Living Magazine and how she hopes to make and or bake something every month.  Well I hope to join her and make one stocking present each for the children each month.  I hope to blog what I have mad for Josh at the end of each month, Abi’s will have to wait until the end of the year because she is following me!!  I would love to also either make or complete a me project each month but I’m wondering if that is pushing it a bit far.  I’ll see how it goes!!


2 – Count Your Blessings Jar

Abi did a memories bottle last year which she smashed last week,  but this Blessings Jar, by Chris on UK City Crafter, I really love!! I’m yet to decide how to decorate it.  I’ve got a few ideas I’m mulling over – Crochet cover? ( Lucy at Attic 24 has a lovely one).  Country style? (Hessian, gingham, natural ribbon or raffia)?  Dainty? ( white with embroidery flowers etc)  or maybe tie it in with my fabric collage picture and quote I made for the lounge!!  (I’ll try to share a picture of those soon)  Which do you prefer or have you any more ideas??

3 – PJ Case

Another item that really caught my eye is this PJ case by Sandra at Cherryheart.  I am thinking of it for my nieces.  I have had lots of ideas, patchwork, applique or even shaped (owl, russian doll, teddy head). My latest thought is to do a doll or animal with a long dress and the dress holds the PJ’s.  What do you think?

4 – Valentine Sweet Heart

I loved this Heart by Lucy at Attic 24 the moment I saw it but I have so many ideas and WIP’s for myself already that I put it to the back of my mind but it soon worked it’s way forward again!!  I gave it a bit more thought and decided that this could be a great pressie for a little girl’s bedroom, so that too is on my to do list!

I would love any thoughts on the direction I could take these projects.

Happy Crafting!


5 thoughts on “Thank You All For Your Inspiration

  1. Thanks for the mention, perhaps you could make a fabric sleeve for your Blessings jar and decorate it with a crochet heart like Lucy at Attic 24? I often make tiny flowers using embroidery floss and a 1.0 hook.


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