Felting Fun!

There has been lots of creativity in our home this week with both wet and needle felting.

On Monday, when Josh was off school ill, I got out the felting materials so that he could have a try at it.  He has seen Abi felting several times but never tried it himself.  This is a piece Abi needle felted for her GCSE textiles, now hanging in our lounge.


Josh decided to create a picture of his Budgie ‘Tookie’.  He seemed to know just what to do and needed very little guidance.


Laying out the felt,



felting the fibres with warm soapy water and ridged rolling pin,


and then with a car buffer!!


He then washed and dried it before needle felting it to define the edges and add extra fibres.


He hopes to add some stitching to it at some point soon so I’ll hopefully share another image with you then!




As Josh was at home Monday and Tuesday he had the rabbit in for sometime, she soon makes herself at home!!! We also had the budgies out for quite a while to stretch their wings both days!!  Tookie (the yellow one being the tamest).

On Wednesday it was 3D needle felting!!

First I showed a friend how to wet felt and then we both gave 3D felting a try for the first time.  There was a lot of laughter as the felt seemed to have a mind of it’s own and became all sorts of things before becoming what we intended it to, including a mermaid, dinosaur, Russian doll, a snowman and others! Initially we both thought that it would be a disaster and that it would be the last time we would do it (unless we needed a good laugh sometime soon) but as we persevered and they started to take on the intended shape we both found it really relaxing and enjoyable!!  We were very glad we wore finger guards!!  We jabbed  the guards many times and the odd occasion we got an unguarded finger in the way was rather painful!!


IMG_6130IMG_6135IMG_6147I made the owls (Abi loves owls so maybe a stocking present there somewhere) and my friend made the cute giraffe.  I put the baby owl in a walnut shell.  (I halved some using this method). I am thinking of maybe creating some more woodland animals and making a woodland scene? Maybe a bit ambitious with all the other creative ideas whirling about my brain at the moment but it may happen one day!!

Happy crafting!!!


10 thoughts on “Felting Fun!

    1. Thanks very much. I’ve since been working on a tiger! Josh’s request! It made me groan a bit and since I started it there have been even more groans!! It has gone from looking like a sheep to a dog and now a cow, hopefully I’ll get there eventually! It is really good fun though, although the 3d felting is a lot more challenging!

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  1. What beautiful work! How many budgies do you have? My family likes budgies and bunnies. They all have such amazing personailities. We have had two budgies in the past and a bunny. We like our pets to be free-roaming/free-flying as much as possible so it is nice to see your pets out and about and not cooped up in cages and hutches all the time. We seem to have a number of things in common. I am enjoying getting to know you through your blog.
    Jodie 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jodiebodie. I have been enjoying getting to know you too. We have three budgies. When we got them we were told they were three boys but we think now that we have two boys and a girl!! The girl rejects all advances at the moment though and soon scolds and pecks the boys into shape. It is fascinating watching them interact and seeing their different characters. They are so much company for me during the day. We did have two bunnies but one died last year. Spice is adorable. When we have her in she often jumps up and sits next to me when I am crocheting. Thanks for your comments. ‘Speak’ to you soon. x


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