It finally came…..and went!!

snowy cars

We finally got it!!!   When I came down yesterday morning it had just started snowing! I called the children and by 6.30am Josh was dressed and playing out the front.  He was soon joined by several other children in our Close and they had a great snowball fight.  A couple of the Dad’s got pelted too when they went out to clear their cars!!  Abi followed shortly afterwards with her camera and got some great shots.  She had to go in to college early so we were rather worried about her as she only passed her test a few weeks ago.  Lots of prayers for her to be kept safe and thankfully once she got out onto the main roads it was fine.  By lunchtime the snow had all melted, I was so pleased that the children got just a little time to enjoy the snow before school. 🙂


I have managed to get back into making my Owl and Flower blanket.  Last week I had got a bit overwhelmed with it.  I had decided to finish it before I go on to crochet this gorgeous oversized cardigan and it just seemed so much to do still!  But I really got back into it and all the beaks and eyes are now sewn on. I now need to see if I can find 30 pairs of buttons for the eyes!!  I also discovered I still have another 24 flower squares still to do but I have made a start.  I tend to do them production style so that I can just keep doing the same thing and not need to keep looking at the pattern.

blanket a (2)001

Do you find you sometimes lose motivation partway through a project? The only other really big crochet project I have done was a blanket for Abi’s bed for her birthday last year.  I really loved that project.  It started out with rows of tulips but after a couple of rows I changed tack and pinned loads of different crochet stitches, afghans etc and then every few rows changed to another stitch and ended up with a sampler style blanket.  She really loves it and I must admit I do too!!  I learnt loads of new stitches and it didn’t get boring at all!  I have the yarn to make a blanket for Josh but I feel the sampler style is a bit girly!!!  My thoughts are waves or ripples but I haven’t settled on a pattern yet!!  Any suggestions folks?

blanket b

I’ve also made a start on my Blessings Jar (more on that soon abw).

I’m off to chill now as my Lupus is really playing up and my body is screaming for rest!!

Happy crafting!!


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