A Sunny Winter ‘Walk’!


I love reading about all of your walks, I particularly enjoy Jacquie’s  group walk posts.  My health doesn’t allow me to walk far and my scooter just won’t do the local South Downs or muddy fields so I love seeing the hillside and country walks the rest of you enjoy, I can almost imagine myself there!

Yesterday I did get a ‘walk’.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, so welcome after many dull and wet days.  I have had a rough week but was feeling a bit better too so I decided to ‘walk’ the afternoon school run on my mobility scooter.  It has been some time since I last used it for a school run, I think the yucky weather has made me a bit lazy, plus as I don’t have a cover on the scooter I get really cold and wet and then it is just miserable! The air was crisp but not too cold as I trundled along on the way there.  It was so peaceful and I was able to just use the time to just think and pray.  I’ve really missed that part of ‘walking’ to school.!


On the way home I get to hear all about Josh’s day in between him dashing ahead on his scooter!  It was just so lovely.


On the way home we passed this tree ( – I always enjoy seeing the twisted bare branches against the winter sky).


We passed the bramble patch where we pick blackberries in the summer. (Josh eats as many as he can before we move  on).


And then through the twitten to our Close.


The sunlight was catching this bush making it feel springlike,


but immediately after there were these interesting branches reminding me it really is still winter!


Past a pile of dead leaves…


…and then home to where the violas outside the front door are still bravely trying to hold their heads up against the cold weather bringing another reminder of spring.

I really love the winter but the little reminders of spring really did make me long for a bit more colour!!

(Sorry about the quality of the Photos, they were taken on my phone!)

Happy Walking!!


4 thoughts on “A Sunny Winter ‘Walk’!

  1. Thank you for saying hello on my blog and all the best with your new blog here.
    Like you, I have difficulty walking anywhere due to ill health and feel the same way you do about Jacquie (Bunny Mummy)’s walks where we can use our imagination and go on a virtual walk. Not quite the same but it is still a way to experience new scenery. I am glad you were able to get out and about. I agree with you that one of the nicest things about walking is the time to one’s self, to think, ponder or just enjoy the moment. I miss that relaxation that walking gives and the slower pace that allows one to see the little details, so easily rushed past with other modes of transport, like your prettty violas and the shapes of the trees. I am glad you were able to get out in the fresh air.
    Cheers, Jodie

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    1. Thanks Jodiebodie. Yes, quiet time is precious to me and it is surprising what beauty there is in the little things missed when in the car. I really am looking forward to the warmer weather and using my scooter more! x


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