He actually looks like a tiger!!!


After spending hours jabbing bits of fluffy wool with a needle he is finally finished.  Certainly not perfect but he looks like a tiger at last!!  I think perhaps a tiger cub?


You may have read that when I asked Josh what he would like me to needle felt for him, he said, A Tiger.  Groan!!!

Well I don’t mind a creative challenge so I tried, and I tried and I tried.  It looked like a sheep, a dog, a cow and everything in between.


I would add a bit, chop a bit off, cut his head off because his neck needed shortening and so on and so on!


Then after I had ‘finished’ him, with all the stripes added he just didn’t look quite right.  I just wasn’t  happy with the shape, he was a bit too lean and then Hubby said the front looked like a tiger but the back like a horse!!  So out came the scissors again and I chopped him in half.  Lengthened him, covered most of the stripes to put a bit more meat on him and re did the stripes!!


I wish I had taken more photos as I went along but I was mostly working on him in the evenings and the light just wasn’t good enough.


In spite of all this I really really enjoyed making him.  There is something strangely relaxing about sitting quietly jabbing the needle in and out to manipulate the wool into shape.  He isn’t perfect but I rather like him!

Now I just feel as though the owl I made for Abi is rather plain and that I might just need to make her something else too, something a bit more ambitious!

If after this post, you are not completely put off the idea of giving felting a go, I would encourage you to try it.  It really is great fun!

Happy Crafting!!  xx


14 thoughts on “He actually looks like a tiger!!!

    1. Thanks Jodiebodie. I surprised myself to be honest!! Josh certainly set me a challenge when he asked for a tiger and I don’t like giving in, (not always the best trait with the lupus!). I would recommend anyone to give it a go, wet felting is especially easy, I’ve done it with a class of 5 and 6 year olds! x


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