A Special Birthday and a Handmade gift!


Well Hubby is now in is Forties!!!  I have just 23 days left before my big 40 so I will make the most of my last few days being in my thirties and teasing Hubby of course!


He had a lovely time and so did we all.  It became a long weekend of celebration and way too many calories but hey, you are only 40 once!  A meal out with friends, an Indian/Chinese takeaway with his parents, a banoffee pie on Sunday, a fried breakfast in bed made by Abi and a gateaux for a birthday cake on Monday!


Tuesday morning Abi and Josh were up at 6am doing a workout together for an hour!

He had some lovely presents including a camera which I think I may be borrowing rather a lot!

Hubby has also been re-living his childhood. For Christmas Josh had a Tamiya remote controlled car similar to one Hubby had as a boy.  Since then he keeps looking up the  hornet he used to have as a boy.   I finally managed to find a stockist with one in stock (They did a special edition a while ago).  He was so pleased with it.  It will be great for Josh and Hubby to race their cars together.


Some of you may remember I was making a present for Hubby.  I haven’t painted much and certainly not for years so I was pleased with the way it turned out.  Hubby got me a pallet which he took it apart and I dried out.  Josh helped me cut the strips to size, fix them together and sand it.  Josh is quite often in the garage with Hubby but I was surprised at just what he had learned about the saws, sander etc, he knew where everything was.  He was quite emphatic that only Daddy was allowed to use the chop saw and band saw, it took a lot of persuading before I could convince him that Mummy could use it too.  He hovered nearby in case I had an accident (it was rather sweet really).

I then washed it with a 50/50 mix of water based primer and water.

I used acrylic paint to paint the poppies.



If you look closely the centre of each poppy is a silhouette of each of us in age (and height) order.  I re-sized and printed out photos of each of us and used them as templates.

I really enjoyed doing it and thankfully Hubby was really pleased with it.

I’ve got some other bits to share but until then …

Happy Crafting!! x


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