Decisions ….. and Ideas


Nearly a week into February and I still haven’t decided what my one a month projects will be for the children’s Christmas stockings.  Yes, I know, it sounds ridiculous but I am determined not to prioritize gifts for everyone else this year and leave them until the last minute, so, as some of you will know, I have joined Jennifer’s one a month ‘Martha and Me’ challenge.

Not only is February the shortest month but it is also very busy this year!  Already we have had…


Hubby’s 40th birthday,

SAM_0051158 SAM_0050157

We have a wedding on the 19th and I am busy making another shawl to hopefully wear. The other one I made is gorgeous but not as big as I would have liked it to be 😦    so when I found some lovely soft cotton yarn on sale I decided to make another, I am about halfway through!

My sister-in-law has just asked me to make a wheat sack for her to give as a gift, she said it doesn’t matter if it is late (next Friday) but I would rather like to have it done in time.


Our Sunday School Prizegiving,  the books arrived this morning so they all need checking off and names put inside and of course there will be cakes to make for the tea (hopefully the children will help there),

And of course at the end of the month I too will be 40!!


So, I really do need to choose something quick and easy to make – but – I have been shopping and spent my Christmas money!!!


The folksong yarn was in the sale basket and just couldn’t be left there.  It is so gorgeously soft and squishy and is just right for some thick woolly socks but socks really scare me, they have heels!!!!

crochet adjustable quick socks

I have found an ‘easy’ crochet pattern for socks and I really would like to give it a go … sometime!  But then woolpickle posted this!  Now I really just want to give it a go, now, but is the shortest month and a busy one at that really the best time??

Then there are the other scrummy bits and bobs I got…

SAM_0057161Malibu Hat: free pattern

The bonus yarn is earmarked for this hat for Abi, hopefully with a matching beach bag from this pattern.


The grey yarn was ordered and is the rest of the yarn I need to make a scarf my Sister has requested for her birthday (In July!!  I think she is getting prepared for next winter already!)


The lace was a basket of oddments.  Some of it will be ideal for lengthening skirts, see here.  The rest await inspiration, especially this bit…


I haven’t a clue what to do with it yet but it was such a gorgeous colour and with my Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket it just had to go in!!


And then there is the Faroe yarn,also on sale and so squishy and soft that it too found its way into my basket!!  There was only the one ball so not enough to do much but it is sooo soft it needs to be worn somehow??!!  Anyone have any ideas?

So I really do need to make a decision.  Do I make what I really want to make (or try to make!) a pair of socks for them both or do I go for something quick and easy this month??….

If you have made it through this rather woffly post, I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Happy Crafting! x


I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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