WIP’s and Crafting on!

A Shawl with gorgeously soft yarn, a little crochet purse, a blanket, and way too many ideas in my head to list here.  Are any of you the same?  do you have more than one thing on the go or are you more methodical and complete one item before moving on to the next?


I like to have something easy to pick up when I am tired and also something a bit  more challenging on the go.  Since I have started blogging and pinning I have seen so many fantastic ideas.  My head and notebook are full of ideas and I keep finding more.  I guess this is good in a way because I am trying to make as many gifts as I can this year (and that’s a lot of making!)  but this also means that I am putting my owl and flower granny blanket to one side again and again.  I love this blanket but just don’t seem to be getting it done – as you had probably gathered already!! – It sits in its bag and hardly gets touched from one week to the next, there is always something just a bit more exciting or with a deadline to be done.

After reading Nicoles post about Keep calm and Craft on I decided to join in and share what I have on the go at the moment.  I am hoping that perhaps this will make me get on and get them finished!


I only started the purse today but that is for a birthday I had overlooked next week..Not sure how it will turn out as I have never used a clasp like this before an I don’t have a pattern.  Maybe rather silly with only a week to go, or maybe just completely mad???  so this will have to be a priority!


The shawl (click here for pattern) is for a wedding, next week too but I am waiting for more yarn to arrive.  It hasn’t worked up as long as I thought it would, it is one of those patterns where you can decide how long you want to keep going before adding the border.  Anyhow, what I bought initially was discounted and that was all there was in the shop but I have found some the same on ebay and I am just hoping that the dye lot is  not too different.  It will be used for the border so hopefully any difference won’t show too much!

Abi has asked me to make a necklace for one of her friends, also for next week.  She is so, so, busy with coursework, so she hasn’t got the time to do it herself so I shall really enjoy being able to help her.  I’m looking forward to getting my beads out again, I’m just hoping I can get it all done!!

aagh, and I still haven’t started the children’s stocking pressies 😦

So what are your WIP’s and do you have several or like me, one that you keep pushing to the back of the queue?

Happy Crafting All.!! x


8 thoughts on “WIP’s and Crafting on!

  1. I’m terrible with how many projects I’ve got on the go! I’ve been thinking of rounding them all up for a blog post to shame myself into completing some of the older ones. The shawl you’re making is beautiful. What pattern are you using?


    1. Yes, that’s what I’m hoping it will do for me! The pattern is by Doris Chan on Ravelry. I will add a link for it. I have used Schachenmayr original cotton yarn. I normally work with bonus dk so it is a real treat to work with something a bit more special, it drapes beautifully. x


  2. Love the owl blanket. Learning to crochet is definitely on my list for one day. That shawl looks lovely. Good luck with the yarn – I’m sure it will be perfect.


    1. Hi Jayne, I’m sorry I have only just got your comment. It had gone into my spam! I’m still a bit new to all this and stumbled across it when trying to alter a few things! I really love the owl blanket too but it keeps getting put to one side for other things, hopefully, soon I can get on with it again. Crochet really is easier than you think, it is so much quicker than knitting which is great for me as I like to see a result sooner rather than later. I only have the ends to sew in on the shawl and it is looking good, it feels even better to wear!! I hope to post about it soon. x


  3. Lots of WIPs and lots more ideas in one’s head? That’s definitely me too! 🙂
    Current WIPs include 2 blankets, a bag, a belt and a bib! I didn’t realise the alliteration until I typed it here, hehehehe!
    I am sure you can find some purse projects on the internet which will give you some ideas about how to go about working the clasp.
    May you enjoy your projects despite your time pressures. Have fun.

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