A Couple of Bargains and WIP’s Progress…

I nearly didn’t go to the local market this morning, it was so dull and damp but I was glad that I did.  The first stall I arrived at was full of spring potted plants.  There was a rack of rather sad looking primulas to clear at only 10 pence each.  Pot bound and a bit shabby but with a bit of trimming they will be a lovely colourful addition to the house and garden on these dull days.


I also found this stack of 3 Christmas tins for 50 pence which make perfect little pot holders for the three plants I hope to keep indoors.  I’m thinking some nice little crochet pot covers would finish them off nicely!


My WIP’s are coming on nicely now and I am really enjoying it, thanks especially to some encouragement from Jodiebodie at Lupeyloops.!

The last time I posted I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the things I need to make with a deadline within the next week. Then Jodiebodie commented saying  ‘May you enjoy your projects despite your time pressures. Have fun.’  It made so much difference because the fun was  going out of it.  I decided to relax and enjoy each project because they wouldn’t get made any faster for stressing about them.  So thanks very much for that encouragement Jodiebodie and for everyone’s kind messages.

So, the progress I have made…  The shawl I haven’t touched as I am still waiting for the extra yarn to arrive.  The necklace is making progress, a simple beaded spiral which is really relaxing to do, I have enjoyed getting my beads out again, it’s been a while.  I’m also thinking of making a second to go inside the purse!

SAM_0131195 SAM_0130194

The socks are just still a’ longing to get on with them’ in the back of my mind … and the purse …

SAM_0138202 SAM_0136200

has turned into two purses.  The first one I made using Hayfield Bonus Buzz mingle dk yarn but I wasn’t sure about it and Abi and I decided it was a bit young for the niece it was intended for, so that one goes into the pressie box.

For the second one I used another multi coloured dk yarn but this time it was Sirdar Crofters fairisle effect.

SAM_0134198 SAM_0133197

They worked up quicker than I had anticipated, the fiddliest bit being attaching the clasp.  For the first one I crocheted a traditional granny square to just a little bigger than the size of the clasp when opened out and then continued in circles, without increasing, to create the sides.  Then I just attached the clasp by sewing it on.

For the second one I created a flat circular base until just a little bigger than the opened clasp before working up the sides.  I worked trebles into the spaces rather than the stitches of the previous row and also added some bobbles.  I decided to glue the clasp this time before sewing it on.  This made it a lot easier to sew but it did mean a rather sticky needle!!

I must go now and get on with the rest of my WIP’s  and leave you with a lovely, rather fuzzy (I had to zoom right in)  reminder, from our garden, that spring is really on its way!!!


Happy Crafting!

Sharon xx


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