A Great Family Valentines Day!!


We looked after one of Abi’s friends dog (Buddy) for the day.  He is adorable but as we were told afterwards, a bit of an escapologist!!     Within an hour we had found this out for ourselves :0

My cousin had popped round and Hubby was just opening the door when Buddy shot between his legs and out onto the street.  Thankfully we live on a fairly quiet close but he had no intentions of coming back in.

It became to him a great game of catch me if you can… and we couldn’t!!

We couldn’t entice him with food and he was deaf to our calls.  Every time he started to run to the end of the close towards the busier roads we had to try to get in front and head him off.  There were several of us, me hobbling around with my stick, Josh in his socks on soggy pavements, Abz looking rather worried as he was her responsibility, Hubby and my cousin and a couple of the neighbours!

Suddenly I had a brainwave, Abi had said that he loves other dogs so our neighbour kindly got her dog on a lead (in her dressing gown – it was still quite early) and as soon as Buddy saw this gorgeous little girl dog he had to investigate… giving Abz a chance to catch him!!  We were so thankful because we had been starting to despair of catching him.

We bought the dog a dog toy when we were shopping this morning as a little thank you.


In the photo above Josh is busy making candy floss.  A present from Abi for his birthday.  One of those gifts that are great but take up loads of space.  Like the doughnut maker and the popcorn machine!!  Having said that, I love candy floss, so I can suffer it sitting on top of the kitchen cupboards if I get a bit of floss from time to time!  Plus all three are great when the kids have friends round.  The doughnuts with various toppings go down a treat and usually end up with a bit of face painting with the melted chocolate and icing!!


My yarn arrived,  yay……. I was starting to get a bit worried, it had gone past the expected arrival date and usually with amazon parcels arrive well before that.  I was so excited when it arrived, sad I know, but I really do want to wear the shawl to the wedding on Thursday. I have now nearly finished the edging.  The dye lot is a bit lighter as you can see in the photo above but as I am using it for the border and it is a more open pattern, so I am hoping it will appear as though the difference is caused by the pattern change rather than the yarn.


We made an apple crumble for the weekend, I have a waitrose recipe (here) with a lovely crunchy topping we all love.


Abi and Josh took Buddy for a long walk up on the South Downs to tire him out.  It is lovely now that Abi can drive and they can go off on their own for a bit, it gave Hubby and I a bit of time together too.  They came back happy but filthy!  With no tumble dryer and all this dull weather I was quite thankful that they are not dog walking every day!!  After a quick bath, Buddy was soon fast asleep!!


I am looking forward to having the children home this week,  especially as Abi has offered to make the dinners!!

I am off now to finish my shawl,  I hope to be back soon with some pics.  I have also made a bracelet for my niece a bit different from what I have made before and I am really pleased with it, so hopefully I’ll have some pics of that too.

Happy Crafting! xx


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