Some Photos at Last!!

Here they are…





Abi modeling my shawl for me.

I am so, so pleased with it.  The schachenmayr, dawn mix, cotton yarn I used is so soft and drapes beautifully.  It was really lovely to work with too.

If any of you are interested, I used this pattern from Ravelry.  It was really easy and fairly quick to crochet.  The bulk of it was extended trebles (doubles US) in the hole of the previous round and  I used a larger hook size for a more open pattern.  I would definitely recommend using stitch markers though to mark the V stitches!!

It was just like wearing a beautiful soft hug all day when I wore it to the wedding!!

Bye for now.

Happy Crafting!! xx


4 thoughts on “Some Photos at Last!!

    1. Thank you, I aboslutely love it!! Oops, sorry, I’m afraid I’m no longer that young and pretty, (The big 40 today !!!) Abi modeled for me! I had meant to mention it in the post but I must have forgotten. I may be brave enough to put a photo of me up sometime!!! 🙂 x


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