February – Monthly Challenge…. and Socks, a Learning Curve.

Well… I just made it!! All three items complete. There were several times this month when I thought I wouldn’t.  Not that it really matters and it has been a rather manic month, but I don’t like to give in! (Not good when you have chronic illnesses but hey, sometimes I wouldn’t get out of bed if I wasn’t so obstinate!)  Joining with Jennifer in her challenge (hers is called Martha and Me) and blogging progress on here has also really helped motivate me.


My ‘Me’ make this month was the shawl I made to wear for the wedding (here).

For the Childrens stockings I decided to make some socks.  It was rather a learning curve but worth it.


I was initially inspired by Wool Pickle and her Toasty Feet Post.  I had seen posts where people had knitted socks but they always seem a bit scary, I mean the heel bit!!!  Mmm, well that was the bit that did prove a bit iffy actually.  Also I am really not a knitting fan!!

So I had a hunt for a crochet pattern and I used this pattern from Crochet spot for Abi’s socks and this one for Josh’s sock.  They are basically the same pattern but each using a different stitch. The pattern fits any size from baby to adult and says you can use any yarn.  I wanted thick warm socks so I opted for chunky yarn.  Not sure that that was the right decision, I think I would like to attempt another pair in thinner yarn.


I did learn a few things along the way

Firstly …

*  Don’t use two different makes of chunky yarn for the same project. I did this for Josh’s – yes he wanted odd socks, it is the current boy trend at school – ie they can’t be bothered to find a pair – actually, to be fair, that can be a bit difficult in our house, does anyone else have wandering socks??  I mean, we have wash bags in each bedroom but socks just never make it there, together, as a pair for some unknown reason.  I am hoping to make something for ‘Me’ next month to help with this problem so look out for next month’s one a month challenge post!!

Anyhow, back to the wool, they were both Hayfield yarn but one was chunky acrylic and the other was acrylic with 20% wool. So the blue sock is slightly smaller than the red even though I tried to work looser with the blue.  Ooops :~<


*  What to do when your 50g ball of yarn has no less than 5 knotted joins!  I did NOT want socks with uncomfortable knots ready to create blistered feet.  So it was a case of asking good old You Tube for help again.  I soon found various methods and tutorials and I decided to use the Russian joining method.  This worked well.  It did create a bit more bulk but with the chunky yarn this did not really notice.

and thirdly…

*  This I really enjoyed.  The sock patterns both used linked crochet stitches, something I had never done before.  Basically you pick up a thread from the previous stitch before you put you yarn round the hook, pull it through and then carry on as normal.  This means that all your trebles or double trebles are joined (doubles or trebles – US) . It created a lovely thick cosy sock with no gaps between stitches.  I have been thinking it would also make a very warm blanket.

Anyhow, the finished socks are cosy, the heels??!!!….. not so sure, especially Abi’s heels.  The heels are joined as you go and they ended up with pointy corners!!  I tried it three times but it still looked rather peculiar, they were absolutely fine on but quite amusing when not so they needed a bit of adjusting afterwards.  So for Josh’s socks I stitched the heel afterwards and they were a lot better.

Now I just need to get thinking of stocking ideas for next month, boy and girl …any ideas?

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx


5 thoughts on “February – Monthly Challenge…. and Socks, a Learning Curve.

  1. Thanks for sharing your lessons. It is good advice. Crochet Spot is a great resource. I need to visit there more often! As for wandering socks, I have a ‘sock bucket’ (with lid) which lives in the laundry and after the washday is done, any lone socks find their way into the bucket. Eventually partners find each other and get put away as pairs, but when people ‘run out’ of clean socks, they can always find some clean socks in the bucket. This has worked well for our household.

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