A Birthday and Money to buy Crafty bits… Advice please?…

That’s it… I am now forty and you know what… so far I have really enjoyed it.

Hubby is not romantic at all and usually I end up buying bits for myself for my birthday.  Not that I mind that at all because there are always crafty bits I would like!  But this year he has really pulled out all the stops.

When I opened his card there a note Josh had written saying lift here.  Underneath it said ‘Daddy’s got the day off’.


This was fantastic as firstly, He has never had my birthday off before and secondly I was supposed to be going to my sister-in-laws to have coffee with her and my sister but Josh was off school with measles so I wouldn’t have been able to go.

He also bought me some lovely garden chairs and also a moon chair which I have fallen in love with. (Josh soon cuddled up in it – he was still feeling quite ill).


Hubby said it would be just right for on the beach when I sit and crochet as I watch them swimming etc as it has lots of room. (I am photosensitive so beach days are spent under a sun umbrella, smothered in sun cream with long sleeves and a long skirt crocheting and enjoying watching Hubby and the children having fun).  I have been using it indoors the last few days and it really is so comfy for crochet, I am wondering if I can get and indoor version?

Next it was off for coffee but unknown to me, Hubby had arranged for lots of my local friends to be there, also three of my nieces came along.  Only three friends couldn’t make it.  I could have cried, it was so special, it was especially lovely that so many people were willing to give up their morning for me. (I’m the one sitting down with the little ones.)


I had a birthday cookie baked by Abi, which is delicious, made using my favourite recipe. (If anyone is interested I can post the recipe).


Lots of great pressies including a teddy and a clock from Josh which says ‘Mum takes time to care’!


And a fantastic card he had made for me.

IMG_9690 IMG_9691

And so much else including three bunches of tulips lots of chocolate!!!.


IMG_9689 IMG_9695

Now we get to where I need some advice…

gift card

I have been given a hobbycraft voucher and also some money.  I am looking to buy some yarn but I want something a bit special.  I usually buy budget yarn or yarn on sale but I was wanting to make maybe a couple of scarves or something soft and pretty for myself with some really special yarn.  I wanted something light and summery and something for the winter.  Where I am stuck is What yarn to choose? Some of you mention Debbie Bliss yarn in your posts but I truly don’t know where to start. So any ideas would really be appreciated.  Also lacy pretty patterns too!!  Thanks!!

There are more surprises to come Saturday apparently so I’m finished yet!!! I feel so spoiled 🙂

Until next time… Happy Crafting

Sharon xx


9 thoughts on “A Birthday and Money to buy Crafty bits… Advice please?…

  1. Happy birthday! I love the look of your giant cookie! You have been spoilt 🙂
    Sorry I have noooo idea about yarn – I would ask Sheila @ Sewchet – she crochets and knits beautiful things so must buy beautiful yarn!!

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