Down Memory Lane!

February was a strange month, short and busy but it also involved a lot of looking back. Time after time something took me back to my childhood. I am 40 now so as everyone keeps telling me I am old now, so why not reminisce?!!!


It actually started in January with this post by woolpickle about french knitting.  I loved french knitting as a child.  When I was about 5 my Uncle came to stay with us for several weeks.  One day he came back with a ‘Knitting Nancy’ each for my sister and I, I was immediately hooked.  I have hunted and hunted but can’t find mine but I did come across the one I bought Abi years ago and so I am hoping to have a play soon!!

The next trip down memory lane was from another post here,  again it is by woolpickle (there seems to be a pattern here, maybe I’m not the only one looking back!) where we ended up having conversations about geometric pattern colouring books, magic painting etc!  Well, when Josh tidied out his room yesterday he found his geometric colouring book.


I used to love doing these, so at lunch time out came the felt tips and I started to colour it in.  I found it quite relaxing until I went wrong (can you spot  the mistake?) That was the point at which I gave up!

Somehow this got me thinking about Matey bubble bath, we had this every year for Christmas for a long time.  Did you know you can still get it? I put some in Josh’s stocking this year.  How I love all these memories, they make me feel all cosy inside!!

This is what it looked like Then…..

matey orig

and Now…..

modern matey

Then came my 40th birthday.  My Sister-in-law gave me a personalised mug and inside were these!!

candy sticks dip dab fizz whiz

I just loved dip dabs as a girl.  In fact I liked all the fizzy sweets!! And the candy sticks, I seem to remember then being called sweet cigarettes in our day and some makes had red tips too! And the popping candy, I can picture myself now, walking back from the local shops with my cousin and eating popping candy.  It was a really hot day and if you threw a piece on the floor it would crack quite loudly!  I think the packet is still the same too!!

Then there were the paper dolls.  You know the ones?  You have a cardboard doll and you cut paper clothes with little tabs on out of a book to dress her with. I’m not quite sure how I got to this one but I loved them so much.  My sister and I spent hours playing with them.  I can still picture them in my head! I used to design lots of new outfits for them too.

paper dolls

I have found this image of these paper dolls.  They were actually my favourites.  I had the two one the right and my sister the one on the left and one other.  They came in a box and had a pop up scene to go with them.  The middle doll Katie had an ice cream parlour  and Becky (right) had a pretty bedroom.

The other memories have been special but difficult too. Sadly last July my dear Dad had a massive stroke and passed away the next day.  He was only 66 and we had no warning at all.  He hadn’t been ill for years, in fact I can never remember him having more than a cold.  It was so sudden that most of the time I have felt numb and it just hasn’t seemed real.  I was such a Daddy’s girl and loved him dearly.  This month though it seems to have been sinking in a bit more.  It has been tough but also special to remember the special little things about us. I wanted to share a couple.  One of my most special memories and items is my ‘secret box’.


I must have been reading famous five at the time because I desperately wanted a box with a false bottom!!  Well, one afternoon Dad said he would help me make one.  We made it together.  I can remember being in the garden and Dad showing me how to use the saw!


It now holds some of my childhood treasures including…


A little knitted bunny I used to hold in chapel, my first watch and also the box which now contains all my baby teeth (yuk)!! A manicure set my grandma gave me, I was so pleased with that.  A fabric book I loved as a baby, my prefect badge, A tiny photo frame with a picture of Hubby just after we started courting, he would have been 16, the impressions for my brace (okay, not sure why all these teethy things were saved!!!).  A couple of favourite ornaments, my name badges from my first main job, and going back to the french knitting, a little mat I knitted and stitched together in a coil!!  The children love to see all these bits and to be honest so do I.

My last special memory I have to share is this ring.


Dad made it for me one Christmas. I must have been 5 or 6 years old.  My Mum and sister had one too.  I have worn it nearly all the time since.  It has just changed finger and been stretched a couple times over the years.

The box and the ring both mean so much to me now because Dad put his time and love into them both.  Do you have any special treasures people have made for you?  I think this is partly why I am now trying to make as many gifts as I can, I feel there is so much more to a gift that you have put your time and love into.

Happy Memories and Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

(Some images from google)


8 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane!

  1. Hi,
    your false bottom box is amazing, what a brilliant dad to have made one with you, and I’ve very impressed you have all those teeny treasures form when you were small. I’ve got a few of my dad’s gardening tools and they are more precious to me than gold. I’m so happy my post triggered off happy memories, and 40, pah, that’s no age….last birthday I turned 44. Knew I was getting old when dyeing my hair was about more about covering the grey than trying out new colours!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe!! Abi keeps pointing out my grey hairs but they don’t show too much yet!! It’s strange how little things become so precious to us, I think it is so often the memories attached to them. I’m glad you have some precious items in memory of your Dad. It must be lovely to think of him every time you use or see them. All around our house are evidences of Dad’s love, radiators he hung, sockets he put in, the craft room shelves he kindly put up for us too. I don’t think we appreciated him half as much as we should have done until he was gone and then we realised what a huge part of our lives he was.


  2. I love that you’re still wearing the ring 35 years later 🙂
    I found my old knitting dolly recently, with quite a long “rope” still attached that I never cut off… I hope my daughter will have a go at it soon!
    You’ve kept loads of interesting bits from your childhood, it’s lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a special collection. It is important to reminisce. These treasures will be a special link between you and your children and grandchildren.
    Interesting that you were looking for your knitting ‘nancy’ – always feels weird calling it that because it was always a knitting ‘dolly’ to me, the literal meaning of the German ‘Strickpuppe’ – because I have been using mine this week and it is so relaxing because it is easy but that also makes it very addictive!
    That home made treasure box is so precious! You have kept your things well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, my children each have a special box too now (not homemade) they each have treasures in memory of their Grandad in there, one of his cars from a boy, one of his watchmaking tools etc. They have both kept their teeth too!! It appears that I have started a rather disgusting tradition! I loved my knitting Nancy, I think I need to come up with a mini project! I also found my paper dolls yesterday, Abi and I have decided that we need to play with them sometime! X


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