Our Beautiful Garden??!!

This morning I knew that I had my Dream Garden.  I guess most of us have a dream garden.  Maybe, borders filled with beautiful blooms and full of colour all year round.  Maybe a veg patch and kitchen garden with a seating area for relaxation and a beautiful lawn!.


Well, we do have a decked area with a pond, which in the summer becomes an outdoor dining area, we do have a border filled with hardy shrubs and we do have a ‘lawn’ – of sorts but in reality few people would call it a dream garden but the more I think about the more convinced I am that this is My Dream Garden.


Our garden is used, it is loved, it is PLAYED in!  Canes left out from camps, flower pots from obstacle courses, pots broken by footballs, muddy football prints and a very muddy lawn. They are all evidences of a healthy happy childhood being played out in our midst.    We are so, so blessed firstly to have two fantastic children and secondly that they are healthy.


Okay, there are the odd occasions when I groan but these are far outweighed by the laughs!  Josh digging a big hole, filling it with water, creating a bog and then getting himself stuck!  Or Josh and his cousin getting so plastered in mud that I have to literally hose them down!!  (My sister knows to send him in old clothes, – She’s got 9 children, it’s the same round hers).


So as I look at my ‘messy’ garden I see a place where imagination flourishes and each football boot print in the lawn, each broken pot speaks to me of happiness and my garden fills me with joy!

Enjoy your garden this spring

Sharon. xx


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