A Girly Morning and Lots of Yarn!

My birthday was over a week ago and I am still being spolied – I think I rather like being 40!


Abi was off yesterday and as her college work pressures have eased a bit she took me down to Eastbourne with her.  I love Eastbourne, I grew up nearby and have many many happy memories there.

First we went into the town and traipsed round the charity shops looking for bargains and wedding dresses.  No, no one is getting married, it is all to do with Abi’s textile work.  Even in charity shops the price is horrendous.  I know someone would have paid hundreds for the dress in the first place but they were nearly all between two and three hundred pounds!  We were starting to think we would have to give up when we spotted an evening gown rail and amongst those was a dress that will be suitable for her to work with for only £20!

We found a couple of other things too, I am particulary pleased with this skirt.

IMG_9911426 IMG_9910425

It is a size 6 so there is no way that it will be going round my waist!  But I fell in love with the fabric so it has come home to be chopped and made into someday!

Then we went to look at yarn!  I loved all the Debbie Bliss yarns, it was so soft, but then decided to go with the Patons, it was equally soft but £1 less a ball.  Even with all my birthday money there is still that in me that likes to get the best for my money that I can.


At the till I spotted this…


It was so different so that went into the basket too!! They really do know how to get me! So I got some Debbie Bliss after all, but at half the price.

When we had finished shopping, we went down to the seafront.  The sea was a beautiful blue, it was incredibly calm and the sun sparkled on the water.


We walked/scooted up to the Wish Tower.


The old restaurant has been replaced by a much smaller one but there are two large decked areas now where you can eat and enjoy the sea view.


Abi wanted to treat me for my birthday so we had hot chocolates and some scrummy food.

IMG_9835 IMG_9816

We were amazed at how reasonable it was – all of this for under £10!


I loved the over-sized biscuits.


We relaxed and watched the world go by.  This gorgeous little one was picking daisys for her Mummy.


Then onto Hobbycraft for more yarny ogling and birthday money spending!

They have a new Women’s Institute range exclusive to Hobbycraft and I was really impressed with it.  They have a soft and silky range which felt as soft as the cashmerino in the previous shop. The big difference being that it was only £2.70 for twice the amount (100g) and on a buy 2 get 1 free basis.   I presume this was because it is acrylic but it was far superior to other acrylics I have tried.


I have had a colour pallet in my head since I read this post by Little Wooly.  I loved the colours of the Dahlias. There were not a lot of colours in the range but I chose these five and bought 3 of each colour, hopefully enough for a blanket.  They just make me feel happy, they make me think of summer, flowers, ice cream etc.  I know it’s hardly even spring yet but it will probably be summer before I get to starting it anyway!!

I’ve got lots of soft toys to pack (more about that soon) so bye for now.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx (most of the Eastbourne photos were taken by Abi).


6 thoughts on “A Girly Morning and Lots of Yarn!

  1. Congratulations on 40! It looks like you had a lovely and productive day. Eastbourne has been the setting for movies and books recently and it seems to be an interesting and pleasant place to visit and your post reinforces that impression.
    I love your ‘summer-ice cream-dahlias’ palette. I love yellows and oranges because they never fail to impart some freshness and cheerfulness.
    I’m glad you had a cheerful birthday celebration. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I did have a lovely time and apparently there’s more to come today! I love Eastbourne, I think a lot of it is because I have so many happy memories there. I tend to work in neutrals a lot so I’m looking forward to the freshness of the yellows etc. I certainly have plenty to keep the creative part of me busy!! 🙂


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