A Mystery Tour and More Surprises!

It was a normal Saturday until after lunch when Hubby said we were going on a mystery tour.  I love mystery tours, my Dad used to do them when we were young.  We all bundle in the car, often with a picnic and only the driver knows where we are going!


This time we ended up in the village of Hampden Park, where I lived all my childhood and until I got married.  We drove around the village, past all three of my schools, over the railway line where at infants school we would wave to the trains from the playground hoping it would be a friendly driver who would beep at us!  Into the village where we saw the shop I used to buy sweets in which is still a newsagents but which sadly had rather a lot of empty shops.  Then round the estate, past the house where I lived, past the garage block where my cousin and I climbed on the roof and got shouted at!   Past the rec where we used to dam up the stream, play ball etc and back into the village.


Finally we ended at the park (also called Hampden Park). It is one of those parks that offers a bit of everything.  Swings and slides, a large field for ball games, a wood, a cafe and a lake.


We spent many happy hours here every holidays and every Sunday morning for years Dad would take us for a walk and we would feed the duck.  Now it is nearly all gulls on the lake.

As we rounded the corner we were greeted with all of my younger nieces and nephews on my side of the family with a banner they had all coloured a part of.

It was so lovely, I had to wipe a tear or two!


It was too early for the daffodils as they are in a quite shady area.  (I am hoping maybe to get there in the next couple of weeks to see them).  But the crocuses were amazing!

We walked around the lake, where there were some fantastic reflections


the children all pleased to be together, happy scrambling around,


playing in the stream, and with sticks,


climbing tress


and Playing Pooh sticks at the same bridge we did as children.


We had a photo shoot of all the children on a fallen tree.

Where there was another tree with a very unusual base.


Then around the lake we came to this tree.  This was my favourite tree as a child, I always loved scrambling over the twisted roots.


Next to the tree is another little Pooh sticks bridge, thankfully nobody fell in!!


Josh (in the green) as enthusiastic as ever!

Then we left the park and headed back to my Sister’s house for a birthday tea together.

with a lovely birthday cake, made by my sister and iced by my sister-in-law.


The children played games and then we sang one of my favourite hymns around the piano and ended the day with prayer together.

It was simple but it meant so much to me to have that time with those that I love so much.

I hope you all had a great weekend too.

Sharon xx


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