Playhouse Project and Boyish Treasures!

At the bottom of our garden is a playhouse full of all sorts of boyish treasures.


Last year we had to take a tree down and make a decision about the rather tired looking playhouse we were given when Abi was seven.

Josh has used it to play in for a few years but we decided to make it in to a proper den for him.  When we took the tree down we had an area that needed to be filled in with soil.  Hubby came up with the idea of digging out under the playhouse to create an underground camp and gain some soil.  He dug down, made four walls out of sleepers and put the playhouse back up over the top.


Then all the rotten wood was replaced, the roof re-felted and the playhouse painted.


Inside Hubby built a workbench and we moved all of Josh’s treasures in!!

This weekend Hubby and Josh have been creating the entrance to the underground camp.


They plan to have steps leading down and a door.  There will be a pallet wall filled with soil and plants and Cammo net forming a roof to hide the entrance!!


I love looking around Josh’s den.   He loves bugs and creepy crawlies and has a collection of all sorts of things.

Join me for a little tour around his den – that is if you are not too squeamish or eating your dinner!!

We open the stable doors and duck down to go in.  I can stand in the middle if I duck my head a little but then I am only 5’2″!


On the floor to the left is a red tool box.  This is a special treasure, it was his Grandad’s and contains lots of his old tools.  The tools get lots of use as Josh loves taking things apart, fixing things and helping Dad.


In front of us is the bench.  On it we can see the tank he used to keep stick insects in.  Now it has soil, rocks etc left from when he collected bugs to study last year before letting them go again.


Then we have the child’s woodworkshop.  This is for Balsa wood and has a mini pillar drill, sander, saw and lathe.


There is also a length of rope, necessary for all boys!!


Above the bench is a shelf.  This has two old bird’s nests gathered from hedges when he helps Hubby with the Autumn hedge cutting.


and one of Josh’s favourite treasures is also on this shelf safely in a plastic tub….


A mummified rat!!!

Hubby found it in a customer’s loft space.  For some reason it mummified rather than rotted!

Under the bench are more bug pots and tanks, and some old blankets for camp making!

SAM_0434940 SAM_0432938

To our right are two sets of drawers.  On top we see a box.  In it are Josh’s sewing bits – he enjoys a bit of sewing too.


Next to the sewing box is a mini camping kettle.


Josh, again like many boys, loves fire.  Hubby salvaged an old BBQ a customer was throwing out and they often have bonfires in it especially when the weather is cold as it was Saturday.


Taking a peep inside the drawers is my favourite part!!  Have a peek…

first we have a drawer of fir cones collected on the walks to and from school and from the Isle of Wight last year.


Then the tub containing a snake skin found in a customer’s garden.


a drawer of shells and beach finds


a couple more nests


a drawer of pens, spoons and other oddments


and a drawer of creatures that he has found after they have died … three butterflies, this one is in very good condition


a baby bird skeleton


a frog skeleton.  (There were two but I had to throw one away, it had been saved with some flesh still on and was rather smelly .. yuk!)


A duck’s egg that never hatched from Grandma’s garden and the shells of the ones that did . SAM_0414920

A crab shell


An empty chrysalis that Josh found and we watched hatch into a moth,


a Gull’s egg shell from Great Grandad’s house where they nest on the chimney, and dive bomb you when you go up the front path!


and an old wasp’s nest.


And that ends our little tour.  It will be interesting to see what is added to the collection this year!

I hope you enjoyed your tour and that you weren’t too disgusted!

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx


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