Success and Disaster!!


It’s been a week of crafting Highs and Lows! Starting with the Highs…


I tried out my drop spindle and I spun!! ( I have spun once before at school but it was so long ago that I can hardy remember it!)

I found a very good video on YouTube and followed that method.  There seem to be several different techniques but this seemed fairly simple so I went with it.  It was so much fun and a lot quicker than I thought.

I had these wool tops left over from one of Abi’s A Level projects so I decided to use these as a trial.


There is something so satisfying in taking the fluffy carded wool and making it into yarn.  And of course I then had to make something with it!!


I decided to make an owl coaster for Abi.  I wanted to make my first item for Abi as I know she appreciates what goes into something handmade and also she had a couple of turns at spinning too so some of the yarn was spun by her.  I didn’t have a pattern but made it up as I went along.  I think it turned out okay.


I still have a lot to learn,  I definitely need to work on getting a more even thickness and on getting a good rhythm going but hopefully, with practice, these things will come.  The only disappointment was that the action of the spinning, I think in particular lifting the spindle as the yarn gets longer, soon started to make my neck play up.  Maybe I just need to wind on a lot more frequently or just do it in really short spells as I do on my sewing machine.  I am determined to find a way around it as I enjoyed it so much.  I don’t know if any of you can help me but when I used the yarn, in places it twisted up as I unraveled it, is this because it was twisted too tight? Also, how do you get the ends to stay twisted?  Mine  un-twisted a bit and when I came to thread them through the back of the work they broke.

My PJ cases are making gradual headway, I machined a little of the dresses today.  I hope to put little buttons to fasten the shoulder straps.  The bodices will need to be shortened too but that’s fine, better that way round!


And I have also made another beaded spiral necklace for Abi to give to one of her cousin’s.  The colours are actually a deep purple with aqua but they haven’t come out very well in the photo.


And the Low !….

My Blanket. 😦


I had finally got into the swing of things again with my blanket after over a year of hardly touching it (encouraged by Sandra’s Blanket along) and I was just crocheting the last few squares when I ran out of yarn  Grrrrrrrrr.


This was the first blanket I had made so I had no idea of quantities needed and had just guessed, I had thought that I had plenty! It was the pale fawn colour I ran out of and I had also planned to use this to join the squares, two strips already being done 😦  So today I set off the shop to get another ball hoping that it would be a good enough dye lot match.

But,  NO…this shade has been discontinued, the very one I needed was no longer available.  I guess it was my fault for taking so long to make the thing!

Thankfully I had taken a couple of squares with me so I could match up alternatives.  The other pale shades were just no good at all, too different but not enough contrast.  Then I considered scrapping six the unfinished squares, adding another round to each square and rejigging the layout.  I considered the other colours I had already used, the red would just have made the whole blanket too bright,  the green would have also been too much because we have very little green in our colour scheme so I was left with the brown.  I deliberated for some time but it just felt too dark and dull.

Now it was a case of pulling out other colours and trying to choose an alternative.  thankfully the ladies in the shop are very friendly and there was nobody else in the yarn section.  I whittled it down to these three.


The rust and green were similar to the red and green but different enough not to look like a dye lot mistake and they didn’t feel to clash and the yellow brough out the owls beaks and feet and seemed to liven it up.  Again long minutes spent uumming and aahing but they all felt too much to have just one of them.  So I considered using two colours together but it still didn’t seem right so in the end I took all three hoping that the new colours will liven the blanket up!!


Back home I had a count and I have 28 owl and 56 flower square so the owls will be bordered by yellow and the flowers divided between rust and green.  I shall do a 7 x 12 layout, I need to spend some time working on that, I need to decided whether to go random or in some order, what do you think?

I am still not 100% sure with my choice.  I think probably because Abi hasn’t seen it yet and we nearly always run things past each other.  Whether we take any notice or not is a different matter but because we are both creative her opinion matters a lot!

So after all of that kerfuffle I am hoping  that this will prove to be a happy disaster…time and a lot of crochet will tell!!

Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx


12 thoughts on “Success and Disaster!!

  1. I’m loving your owl … such fun! And well done on the spindle spinning. A friend tried to teach me to do it but my dodgy shoulder wasn’t going to play so we switched to her wheel. Unfortunately I don’t have a wheel of my own but using the wheel was definitely easier for me.

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  2. I almost bought a hand spindle at a local yarn fair last year but didn’t because I wasn’t sure how to use it. I’ll pick one up this year and follow your lead and find a you tube tutorial. I love the necklace you made – great colors and style.
    Glad you found some wool to compliment the yarn you used in your afghan – I know it can be frustrating to be caught short but I think it’s going to be beautiful!

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments. I now have to decide whether to go in diagonal stripes or random with the blanket! The necklace is a beaded spiral, you tube video again and easy to make! Spinning is great fun I would definitely advise giving it a try, I’m hoping to have another play this week! X


    2. Hi Susan, I was just going back through some old post when I realised I hadn’t replied to you, I’m so sorry. I am having so much fun spinning and it is so easy to learn. I don’t know if you saw my blanket tada but I was thrilled with the changes I had to make 🙂


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