When Josh gets in the kitchen!!


Sometimes after school I hear a clatter in the kitchen and secretly groan!!


When Josh was little he loved to help bake, as he has grown older he likes to do it all alone.  Sounds fine, but the problem is that he refuses to follow a recipe. ‘No, I’m making up my own recipe Mum’!!!  (Groan) Well, as you can imagine we have had all sorts of doughy cakes and tough biscuits, Some have been okay, some politely edible and others discreetly disappear – uneaten….. until the last couple of months when all his experimentation is finally working out.

In February he made some ‘buns’ which were not just edible but enjoyable and very well presented on a scewer.


Yesterday, again, after school Josh got busy in the kitchen.  I have offered him a recipe many times but he had always been adamant that he was doing it his way but this time I persuaded him to accept a basic cake recipe and he could add other things, eg chocolate chips, sultanas etc.  But Josh wasn’t going to be that boring and he decided to add lemon juice, milk, melted chocolate, cocoa powder and melted butter. I was not at all sure how they would turn out!

Into the oven they went, they rose, and they looked good.  Josh served them this morning for breakfast with fresh cream and raspberries.  They were delicious!!


I am thinking that maybe now it is time to start trusting my budding chef a little more!!

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx


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