March Makes – Monthly Challenge.

I did it … just.   I suddenly realised on Saturday that although I had done crafty things for me I hadn’t actually made anything for me.  I had spun yarn but made that into things for others and I had worked on my owl and flower granny blanket but I didn’t finish it!

I did not want to fail the challenge so as I needed another pen pot that became my ‘Me’ make.  I found an empty jar to cover and made this!


I wanted to make up my own pattern and decided to go with spots.  It  took a bit longer than I anticipated to work it out and get it right but once I did it was really quick and I love the results.

For the children’s stocking present this month I decided to make coasters.

For Josh I chose to make this snail coaster adapting this snail motif pattern.


And for Abi it was the owl I made out of the first lot of yarn I spun.  I just


I added buttons to the eyes and needle felted the beak. It is big enough for the bottom half of the owl to take a mug.

I now just have to decide what to make next month!

I joined thistlebear for the challenge to make one thing a month back in January.  Here is her post for this month.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx


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