You Continue to Inspire Me…

I love reading all your posts, I am constantly creatively inspired!!  Yesterday I needed a gift I could make in a day, a  holiday day at that, as one of Abi’s best friends, Leah, is turning eighteen. Abi is going to see her today and I wanted to make her a little something from us all.

Recently I have been particularly inspired by Ericka’s erickaeckles blog.  I have loved seeing the progress on her twin star quilts, the planning, the fabric choices, thoughts on quilting etc.

So this gift was an ideal opportunity to try proper patchwork.  I have made two very basic and simple quilts with squares and rectangles but I have always used fleece fabric as a backing and used very basic and minimal quilting.  This was the ideal opportunity to make something small but a little more adventurous.

I had a couple of A6 notebooks I picked up in Poundland the other day so I started to plan a cover for one of these.  I drew out a plan, finding a number that the height of the notebook was divisable by and drawing a grid.   I rubbed out some lines and added others to create the patchwork I wanted.

With the patchwork I used tiny scraps from my scraps bin and part of a sheet for the backing. I was really challenging myself as some squares were only 16mm wide.  I added 1cm to each square to give 1/2 cm seam allowances.  I had thought to machine them together for speed but it just wasn’t feasible with such tiny pieces!  So it was hand sewing.  I didn’t mind as I find hand sewing relaxing but I was a bit concerned about time especially with the quilting I had in mind!  There were several interruptions to help make a ‘live mouse trap’,  go to the park, give opinions on homework etc but it proved quicker and easier than I thought.

For the quilting element I was again inspired by Ericka in this post here where she mentions the baptist fan.  There is also a post with more about the baptist fan here.  It gives such a lovely effect and after reassurances that it wasn’t difficult I decided to go with that pattern.

When I did my quilting I was doing it from memory (not the best idea) but I had obviously forgotten exactly how it went and my fans are at various angles instead of neat rows but I was pleased with the effect.  I also backstitched her name onto a plain patch.

Another thing erickaeckles mentions is how the squares and colours soften as you quilt.  I had been a bit worried about one of the prints I used but I was amazed at just how much the quilting really did soften the edges and bring the whole thing together.  The bottom half is quilted the top is not yet quilted.


I am so, so pleased with it.

It is far from perfect but I feel that I really stretched myself.  You can just see the fan stitching below.


I felt a bit reluctant to give it away but it had her name on it so it had to go!!

Thanks to you all for your constant inspiration and this time, especially to Ericka!

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx


10 thoughts on “You Continue to Inspire Me…

  1. Looks lovely, a little difficult to see the fans on my screen, but they look good from here. No wonder you didn’t want to give it away. I love small patchwork projects. Something so attractive about little bits of patchwork – also I guess they often let you use up leftover pieces of fabric, so you get a bonus of feeling virtuous too. Thank you for the link to Erica’s blog and for being inspirational yourself.

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  2. Wow, your notebook cover is lovely…those patchwork pieces sound really fiddly to sew. I’m so pleased to hear you found the tutorials helpful. Your quilting looks like it feels amazing, really ripply…you should feel really proud of yourself. I bet Abi’s friend will really treasure it xx


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