Can You Help? …

Hi all.  We have had this little mystery bird cheeping and hopping around our garden this afternoon.  It appears to have escaped from somewhere as it’s legs are ringed and it is not shy of humans.


Just wondering if you know what it is? It is similar in size to a sparrow, tit or finch.  It has a red band above it’s eyes, red on it’s breast and a red blush over it’s wings.


We have looked online and the closest we can find is a house finch.  Apparently they are found in North America so maybe if you live there you might know?


(Looks as though we need to clean the gutters after the winter weather!!)

P.S.  Just added this photo below, it shows the breast colouring better.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx


6 thoughts on “Can You Help? …

  1. How interesting. I really have no idea but it does look finch-like to me. I wonder why its legs are tagged? Could it have been part of a study, or maybe once lived in a refuge of some type?

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    1. Thanks, that is really interesting. The closest we could find was a house finch too, in the photos I took the colours are a bit duller than it really is, in real life it looks very similar to the house finch link you sent through.


  2. It does look like the house finches here in Colorado (USA). They aren’t afraid of people, and will build a nest and raise a family right on your porch. Last year there was a late snow so I moved my hanging plant (nest with eggs in it) under cover and the birds just adjusted and continued to cover the eggs in the new location. Hope that little guy finds a mate. They are fun birds.

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