The End is in View!

After nearly 2 years my Owl and Flower Granny blanket is nearing completion!!  Just the border to choose and crochet and then some major blocking to be done!  Having left it untouched for over a year, when I got back to it I think my tension was different but hopefully the blocking will sort it out.

SAM_05391037 a peep at the progress!

I have pinned several borders but I’m still not sure which to go with, I may just fiddle around and make up my own!!

The blanket has evolved over the months in several ways but I am really pleased with end result.  The extra round on each square after my disaster has meant a bigger blanket so I have squared it off and I am hoping to use the extra squares for two matching granny cushion covers!

SAM_0475981(disaster point)

I managed to stick to my two goals since the disaster scenario all except once last week when I gave myself only a day to make Leah’s present (Here).  Goal one was to work only on my blanket in the evenings (after 6pm – I’m an early to bed person) and goal two was that as I joined each square (using the join as you go method as I crocheted the extra rounds) I would sew the ends in before starting the next square.  I was itching at times to just get on with the next square but I didn’t give in once, so I was pretty pleased with my self control. 🙂  I am sure that the blogging keeps me more accountable!

I actually have the yarn for 3 more blankets tucked away – hopefully I won’t take two years over these!!  More on that soon 🙂

Happy crafting!!

Sharon xx

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I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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