The Budgies are Finally Finished!!

I feel a bit shy about showing you these knitted budgies – when Abi and Hubby saw them they both laughed.  (We are very honest with each other here!)  To be honest, I am a bit disappointed with them myself, they are meant to be for Josh’s stocking (My Monthly challenge make for April),  I just hope that when Josh gets them in his stocking he won’t wonder what on earth Mum has decided to make him 🙂


So, how did the knitting go after years of avoidance?  I really don’t know.  At times I started to relax and enjoy it but at other times I nearly gave up and nothing but sheer obstinacy kept me going.

Firstly I had to go to YouTube to find out how to cast on.  I could vaguely remember the thumb method so a quick video later and I had my first 9 stitches cast on, great!  Until row 3 where I had to M1, make one.  A special note said I wasn’t allowed to KBF or INC1 (whatever they may mean) because they would alter the stitch count, I must make one.  So I carefully followed the instructions but every time I ended up with a hole.  I was very near to giving up at this point but I mentioned my problem here and one of my lovely followers, Midnight Knitter at yarnbooksroses, soon gave me a link for a way that didn’t leave a hole. (Thanks so much. x)

So, I undid my precious knitting and started again – groan – I hate starting again.  One of the joys of crochet is that I am mostly able to work around mistakes but knitting was not proving so forgiving.


This time things went well for a few rows and no holes from ‘knit one’s’ – just a dropped stitch!  When I was a girl, Mum always sorted out things like that for me but I can remember her wiggling the yarn up the rows and back on to the needles.  So I did just that and it worked, yes! you couldn’t see where I had done it at all.  I was now starting to think that maybe knitting was okay after all.

Then what…. I was doing SS, knit a row, purl a row, but I had knit two rows one after the other and half of the front was on the back.  So I ripped back several rows, muttering and grumbling as I fiddled around trying to pick up these tiny stitches and longing for my crochet hook.  I picked them up, not really sure which way round to have the stitches so there was rather a mixture.  It didn’t appear to make any difference other than some were harder to work into on the next row.  I was having a really fatigued week and this happened several times, once in the middle of the row, not sure quite how I managed that!  After a bit I learnt to know which side I was on and again started to enjoy knitting and managed to work out, all on my own, how to knit 2 tog through the back of the stitch.  I did check with Mum afterwards and I had got it right 🙂


I continued like this x 3, gradually with a little more enjoyment and a lot fewer mistakes, until I was left with lots of body parts.


I don’t usually enjoy sewing together but this time I was eager to see the finished result.  As I moved on to the second budgie I realised that one was considerably bigger than the other.  I had knitted looser on the second and third birds as first time around it had been quite hard working into the stitches, but dopey me, I didn’t even think that they would then turn out different sizes.

I was ever so disappointed with them at first I added the features and detail they began to look a bit more budgie like.  I added a bit of needle felting to create their ‘beard’ as Abi kindly described it! Sadly the one I like the least is the yellow one which happens to be the budgie that actually belongs to Josh.  I think that because she is all the same colour there isn’t the detail to make it look a little more like her.  (My knitted budgies all look rather over fed!)


I then covered a hoop, attached the budgies and crocheted a few leaves to add interest.  (I would have liked to add flowers but I was worried Josh would think it a bit girly if I did that).  And here they are…


The final question is …. will I be knitting again?  I would like to keep my hand in and maybe learn a little more, so I shall try to make something small and simple from time to time but for me, crochet definitely wins the day!

We are just starting our second day with no water supply, a 30 inch cast iron water main has burst leaving people up to 10 miles away without water!  So all fun here, Josh keeps hoping they will close the school 🙂

I have several lovely things on the go so hopefully more about them soon.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x


31 thoughts on “The Budgies are Finally Finished!!

    1. Thanks Beth, I think I am being rather critical as I am looking at them alongside the real budgies! Josh is off school because there of the water, we have been using the water butt water to flush the loo and I had a 5 litre water bottle in case of emergencies so we have been managing ok. My cousin has just brought us his 50 litre caravan water barrel full of fresh water 🙂 x

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  1. I think they are great! So cute! Maybe the only reason you aren’t crazy about them is because you’ve been looking at them too long and had some frustration with the project. Once you put them away for a bit and go back and look at them, you will probably appreciate how very cute they are.
    Having no water is such an inconvenience… I had none last weekend. Ugh. Good luck with that!

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    1. Thanks Cynthia, I think you are probably right, they are now packed in the ‘gift box’ so hopefully I shall see them differently when I next look at them. The water company are hoping to get it back on tonight now, Josh is hoping not, he would like another day off school! X

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    1. Ah, a kindred spirit, aren’t Mum’s just great, I need to tell her when I see her next, after Dad died suddenly last year I wished I had told him more often just how much he meant to me. Thank you for your kind comment about the budgies, you are all so kind and are giving me a bit more confidence in them 🙂

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  2. I think your budgies look great! You can definitely tell what they are so that’s a hurdle overcome! I don’t really have the patience for knitting. I’ll occasionally knit something small, but crochet is just so much faster

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    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Thanks, I guess they do look like budgies, I think I was trying too hard to get them to look exactly like our three real ones! I’m glad I am not the only impatient knitter, crochet wins for me, although having said that, I really don’t like giving up, so like you I hope to knit the occasional small thing 🙂


I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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