More Blanket Madness!

Sometime ago I told you about all the blankets I have the yarn for!  Well today I finally finished and blocked my Rainbow Ripple  Blanket.  I used this pattern by Celeste Young on Ravelry.  Here she is!


I loved every minute of hooking this blanket.  Once the first few rows are done and the pattern set it is a doddle, one of those projects for the evenings or tired moments.  I did digress from the pattern a little and did all rows with the same increases rather than a smaller increase every few rows because I found that that just made it too small and the edges started to curl.

It is to be a baby blanket so I kept it fairly small but still big enough to last a few years. .  I wanted to move away from the typical soft baby colours because I hope that this will be used into toddlerdom and beyond.


I used Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Dk.  This is a value yarn but is still soft and wears well, very similar to the Stylecraft Special Dk.  The colours I used were yellow – 957, bright purple (it’s a bit dark in the pics) – 828, iced pink 958, white – 961, Cerise – 984, Aspen 1422.


I am really pleased with the finished result and even have enough for another blanket.  Now I just need one of my four expectant relatives to have a baby girl 🙂


So with my second blanket finished I have already made a start on the next, my spiral blanket.  I will try and get some pics and post my wips next week, although some of them will have to remain secret until after Abi’s birthday, I am really pleased with the pressie I finished today!

Have a great weekend and Happy Crafting

Sharon xx

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27 thoughts on “More Blanket Madness!

  1. Congratulations on another project finished beautifully. Those colours are great and suitable for a boy or a girl so as long as there is another little one coming along, it really doesn’t matter. Wishing you luck and joy of giving. xx

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  2. Your projects just get more and more beautiful. What a great accomplishment Sharon! You know my mother is extremely talented in her crochet work and as a result, her grandchildren have benefited greatly. Not only did they get the most beautiful blankets, hats, outfits etc…they have lasting memories of the tender loving care of grandma making things for them. It truly is a gift on so many levels. Thanks for sharing!


      1. It’s actually interesting that you mentioned “maybe” in your response. I’ve been feeling called to pray for you over the course of time that we have been interacting back and forth. I keep feeling like the Lord has been tugging at me to encourage you that He has great plans for you. That you too are included in the richness of blessings. I don’t know if you’ve been feeling that some kind of pursuit has come to an end but I feel like the Lord is saying that your journey is not finished. I feel like He’s saying that He wants complete and perfect healing over you. Although this journey has been trying from time to time, His hand has always been on your path. From the blessings of the tenderness of your son’s heart to the strength that subtly drives your daughter’s passions. I feel that just as they have been blessed by you, you are continuously blessed by them. These are only some of the very gifts the Lord wants to bless you with. Not just blessings through your children but through direct blessings specially made for you. He doesn’t want you to be afraid to dream, He calls you to want more without settling. There is a resting place He has created just for you that has be perfectly created for your renewal. Sharon, He has set you apart and cherishes you as the perfect creation that was ever so thoughtfully created. And just as you put so much thought and love into your creations, wanting to make them special and perfect – He too worked hard in creating you. I hope I have delivered this correctly and that this speaks to you and encourages you the way our Father has intended. Many blessings!


  3. Thank you for your sweet message. I too have felt led to pray for both you and others through the connections made here. Today has been one of those really tough days where I have to constantly pray for the strength to do the next task, where just the thought of having to climb the stairs to the bathroom fills me with dread. It is days like this that make me wonder whether or not I will live to grow old although my prayer is to be spared to see my children happily married. I always loved being the one dashing around helping others but now I am the one that has to ask for help and it goes against the grain! I have found much pleasure in my blog, I feel as though I am once more giving a little bit by sharing the patterns I use and the things I make. My creativity also keeps my brain busy when my body insists on rest. I try to leave my future in the Lord’s hands as I know that he cares for me and my family far more than I can ever begin to comprehend. Often I feel that there is little I can do to help others but I can pray for them, it feels so little and yet it is actually the biggest thing I can do. Thanks again for your kind words and prayers. x

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I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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