My First Felted Picture!


Well, I have finished the felted picture I was making for my Mum and I loved every minute of making it. This is one of those things that Abi has done, I have supervised Josh with but never done myself. I think I still have ever such a lot to learn and could improve a lot more but for a first attempt I am really happy with it.

I started by laying out a base layer of wool tops on top of some bubble wrap with a towel underneath.  I layered it up first in one direction and then the opposite direction.  For this base layer I used some natural wool – Herdwick – we had left from one of Abi’s college projects.  I would not use this again as a base layer as it had some very coarse white hairs in it and as I felted the piece these came through to the top.


I had decided on a scene with hills, river and a rainbow so next I added the greens and blues for the background.


I mixed colours together to get the shades I wanted by carding them with two dog brushes!

Then I added in a rainbow, (I have always loved rainbows, every time it rains when the sun is shining I rush to look for the rainbow.)


and some poppies and wheat in the foreground.


I covered it with dress net, wet it with soapy water and rubbed it with a scrunched up carrier bag to felt it.


(Once it was more stable I used a car buffer to continue the felting process as my hands and shoulders won’t take too much vigorous work but I forgot to take a photo at that stage!)

I then rinsed and dried it.  At this point it was looking very flat.


so I added some stitching detail


and did some needle felting on it to give it more depth.


lastly I added a Bible verse ‘He is faithful that promised’.  I chose this verse because the day Mum and Dad returned from their holiday last year there was a beautiful rainbow.  Five days later Dad passed away after having had a massive stroke.  In the Bible the rainbow is not only the sign of promise God gave to Noah but also an eternal promise to all his people and I have always felt that it was sent for Mum as a promise that God would be with her in all that was ahead.


I would love to do another felted picture sometime soon.  It is so satisfying and easier than you would think.  I love the way that you can ‘paint’ a picture with fibres.

I hope you all have a lovely week.  I am hoping to have the first section of my new crochet blanket to show you soon.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x


17 thoughts on “My First Felted Picture!

  1. It’s lovely! You’d never know it was your first attempt. I took some photos of a lovely scene with a lake, trees and flowers with a church spire in the background on a recent walk and want to translate it into a felted picture, I just haven’t had time as I know I need a couple of hours to work on it.


    1. Thanks Bekki. It was very hard losing Dad, he had the stroke on the 1st July and died the following day. It has been hardest for Mum of course but she has just moved nearer to us so all of us three children and Mum are in the same town. The picture was for her new home. The next couple of weeks will be tough with the anniversary coming up. It’s lovely to know you too see rainbows as a sign too. Take care. x

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I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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