My New Blanket Idea Revealed!

After starting and quickly scrapping the spiral blanket for my next blanket project I did some middle of the night thinking!  I always find that the best ideas come when I am in that half asleep half awake state.  I have had the most amazing conversations, great ideas, written my best blog posts and given the best comebacks then, the only problem being they are usually forgotten by the morning!  Well, not this one, I now have a notebook and pen by the bed and I was awake enough to write it down.

So what was my ‘great idea’ that has got me so excited?  It has involved making lots of these…


any ideas??

I am crocheting a patchwork blanket.  I have made up a half square (triangle) pattern and have made triangles in two different colours for each block.  I have then joined these two colours together to create 16 squares and these have then been joined to create my first two blocks!



(The two yellows are the same, you can see how much difference the lighting can make!)

I am so pleased with these blocks, I like them even more than the picture I had in my mind.

I am using Sirdar Hayfield Bonus Dk yarn.  I use this yarn a lot because I can buy it locally and it is great value but still soft as well as being machine washable and suitable to tumble dry. Each crochet square is 5″ x 5″ and each block is made up of 4 squares by 4 squares making a 20″ block. Once all the blocks are completed I am hoping to crochet solid strips between the blocks and around the edges of the blanket.

These are really quick and easy to make and so much fun and the great thing is that you can do the triangles bigger or smaller or just make more or less blocks to create the perfect sized blanket. The triangles can be joined after you have made both of the two halves or you can join as you go which I have started doing as it makes a neater join and means fewer ends to sew in!

If you are interested in joining me the pattern is below.  

I found a great sheet of block designs on Google so I got my block patterns from that.

(Image courtesy of google!)

So, am I enjoying it?  Yes!  The triangles are brilliant, they are portable and so easy that I can do them when I am too tired to concentrate much! I love the way that the triangles can create such different patterns. I would love you to join me if you fancy giving it a go!  (Pattern below)

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

Patchwork Crochet Blanket Triangles Pattern by Sharon.

IMG_3858 IMG_3835

You will need

4mm (U.S. – G)  crochet hook

Dk yarn in at least 2 colours

Large needle


Stitches used

ch – chain

ch sp – chain space

sl st – slip stitch

tr – treble (U.S. dc – double crochet)


Please take time to read the pattern through first.

In first colour ch4 then sl st into first ch to create a ring.

row 1 – 4ch (this creates one tr and one ch sp), 3tr, 1ch, 3tr, 1ch, 1tr, turn.

rows 2 to 5 – 4ch, 1tr in 1ch sp of previous row, 1 tr in each tr to next sp, (2tr, 1ch, 2tr) in 1ch sp of previous row, 1tr in each tr to next 1ch sp, 1tr in 1ch sp of previous row, 1ch, 1tr in 3rd ch of previous row, turn.

At the end of row 5 fasten off.

To join as you go you make your 4ch circle in the second colour and then as you crochet the first 3ch pick up a loop from the back of the corresponding 3ch of already completed triangle, work your 4th ch and contiue as for pattern until the last treble and as you work the treble pick up a loop from the back of the equivalent stitch on the completed triangle before each time you pull the yarn through.  do this for each round remembering that the back will switch sides each time you start a new row.

I hope you enjoy using this pattern, any queries just ask in the comments section and I will answer you as soon as possible.


15 thoughts on “My New Blanket Idea Revealed!

  1. Looking good, Sharon. Those patterns from Google give a good repertoire for mixing and matching patterns and blocks. Your explanation of how to do it is detailed and helpful. I look forward to seeing your finished blanket.

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