Problems, Lists and Knitting Again!

Firstly it’s my own fault, the problems that is. When I set up my site at the beginning of the year I started following the quick tutorial, uploaded photos and posted my first post and thought I didn’t need to learn any more… how wrong I was!!  I was doing exactly what Hubby does (and most men that I know do) and tried to do it first without reading all the instructions!  You know the feeling, oh yeah, I can do this, it’s easy 🙂

All went fine until a couple of weeks ago when I realised that I had used nearly all of my media storage space and they said I could upgrade my site  for £89 per year – no thanks!!  So it was off to ask google! I soon realised where I had gone wrong. I had just uploaded the pics straight from the camera without compressing them first.  As a result I have spent rather a lot of precious crafting time compressing photos (four times before they all compressed as I didn’t realise I needed to do the portrait images separate from the landscape images) and replacing and deleting the original pictures!


Thankfully we do have Adobe Photoshop so I was able to compress multiple files at once .  Anyhow, all done now and lesson learnt – read all instructions first – (until next time) and I now have plenty of storage space for more posts 🙂

I am trying out knitting again as after my budgie attempts I thought I really ought to try and do a bit occasionally and maybe, just maybe, one day I will be good enough to knit a pair of socks.  I looked on Ravelry for easy patterns and came up with this pattern for simple garter stitch slippers, brilliant. I need some new ones for the summer as I am still using my slipper boots from the winter, although Josh kindly told me yesterday as he watched me knit that it will probably be winter again before I finish them!!

 (Image courtesy of google)

The pattern said Needles: 3.5mm circular or two straight needles.  I thought ‘Great, now I can do a bit of practise with a circular needle on something easy’  but as I read on it said ‘if your’e feeling adventurous you can use a seamless CO technique’  I do not feel adventurous where knitting is concerned and I wanted the seam anyway as I think it enhances the slipper so I wouldn’t need the circular needle…but I used the circular needle anyway as practice.  What a pain that is, the thing has a life of it’s it own and twists and curls as though it’s alive, maybe the feeling is mutual and it doesn’t like me either!


As far as the pattern goes I am getting on fine this time but only because all I have had to do is cast on 40 stitches and keep knitting!  I did manage to gain a stitch, I guess that’s better than losing one.  I really didn’t want to undo any of my hard work – I find knitting so hard to pick all the stitches back up, unlike crochet where you have only one loop to find again – so I just knit two together!   The only other slightly annoying thing is working with two strands together but mostly it has been fine.

I am using the women’s institute soft and cuddly 4 ply yarn from Hobbycraft.  It is a bit more expensive at £3.00 for 50 grams but they are usually on a buy two get one free deal and I love it so much, it has to be the softest acrylic yarn I have ever used.  There isn’t a huge range of colours yet so I went with a pale blue and cream. (I have just realised as I took this photo that one ball of yarn is soft and silky and one soft and cuddly.  With the soft and silky you get 100 grams for the same price, both gorgeously soft.)


I am probably about halfway through the first slipper so not too bad going but I do find that I am very tense when I knit and I have to consciously make an effort to relax my shoulders. To be honest just working in garter stitch can be a bit boring so I am saving them to do when I really haven’t the concentration for anything else.

I have also been busy writing lists.  I love lists, I love crossing things off of them even more, in fact I have been known on occasion to write a couple of things I have already done on my new list, so I can cross them off!! I Hmm, rather sad I know but I always feel better when a couple of things have been crossed off.

I have an A4 notebook dedicated to my craft lists and notes.  Things to make for Abi, for Josh, for the nieces, for men, for the mums, for the home, for me soon, for me one day, gifts already made etc!  I also have this great weekly planner but things often end up getting transferred from one day to the next and the next before they get crossed out, I think I am too ambitious about what I can achieve in a day!


But this week I  realised I do not have a wips list…What??.  I have posted on here about my wips but the list is changing so often that it is out of date in a few days but no list.  Well, of course, that had to be rectified and here it is.


small hexagons – on a bit of a go slow with these


large hexagons (I have been reading too many of Ericka’s posts lately and she has got me using up my scraps with larger hexies.  Ericka has made some gorgeous hexie cushions with scraps you would never normally put together but they look amazing!  If you pop over you could join her on one of her rambles and learn a lot about British wild flowers. ).


spinning – only about 4 more lengths to spin and then I can ply, Yay!


crochet granny flower and owl cushions.  (Hmm, those were a bit buried and forgotten, to be honest, crocheting a back is rather boring.)

crochet patchwork blanket (here).  I’m still enjoying this.


knitting slippers


crochet shawl  (this is another new wip using this gorgeous pattern by Sandra over at Cherry Heart blog.  It is lace weight and so, so pretty and delicate.


embroidery (I’m still working through the aprons for the pj cases, only 2 to go!)


To be honest it is no as bad as I thought but my to do list is items 17 long and two need to be made for gifts this month plus stocking pressies for Abi and Josh so I’m going to say toodleoo and get crafting 🙂

Happy Crafting and have a crafty week!!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x


27 thoughts on “Problems, Lists and Knitting Again!

            1. Yes, it does get tough at times, especially when I can’t do everything I would like to with the children but I just try to focus on what I can do and not think about what I can’t, even so there is the odd occasion when it really gets to me! Being creative makes a huge difference to me 🙂

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              1. I can identify with that to an extent. I had a chronic whiplash, which lasted for years, when mine were small, I still find it hard talking or even thinking about what I missed being able to do with them back then 🙂

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for the nice mention, I’m glad my scrap bag hexagons have been an inspiration and that you like reading about my walks.
    I think your knitted budgies are brilliant by the way xx

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  2. I just love your wonderful chatty posts Sharon. I feel that I need to make a post in response to yours. So many things that I want to say after reading all of this…
    1. I have to compress my pictures? What??!! Curses. I do cut the photos down to size using Paint, but now I will be looking into compression. I don’t have photoshop, but there must be something else. I think that I will respond to that blue chat box that comes up in WordPress. 🙂
    2. I know how you can tame that ill-behaved circular needle if it is the kind with the plastic cord connecting the needle tips, Dip the plastic into hot/boiling water to warm the it and then pull it straight while it cools. Ta-daa!!
    3. Lists? Lists!! I have a little (5″x7″)spiral notebook that I keep my lists in. I date each page when I start the list for that day and then move forward things that don’t get done. I also add items so I can cross them off. 🙂 I started the list book when I was a greatly overworked teacher and now I do it to help me remember things and plan my days. It helps me conquer the brain fog of systemic sclerosis, too. Take that muzzy head!!
    4. I’m getting ready to crochet a seat for my outside lawn chair. I bet your slippers are long done before I get this crochet under control.
    5. I cleared a bunch of projects with the end of the month and can’t seem to get going again. Your post sent me into the stash room with my list book in hand. 🙂
    6. I took my methotrexate yesterday and today I’m one sorry slug. Your post was such a positive ray of sunshine. I am up puttering around and organizing myself again. Have a happy week and may your pile of project completed items grow and may your list items all get crossed off.
    7. My comment back to you is one of my list items. I just crossed it off!!

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    1. Hi,
      A little LIST of replies 🙂
      1.About compressing/optimizing photo. I didn’t realise about it either until I ran out of space. I asked WordPress and this link is their reply
      This site may also be helpful

      There is a lot of advice out there, I just wish I had known sooner!
      2. Thanks ever so much for the circular needle tip, that is now at the top of my to do list !!
      3. I’m glad that I’m not the only forgetful one and also not alone in adding things to my list just to be able to cross them off 🙂 !! I get that horrible brain fog too from the Lupus and Fibromyalgia, isn’t it just so frustrating at times. lists and notes are such a help. (If you remember to look at them!)
      4. I’m sure the crochet seat will be great, go for it girl ! I have just got to the decreases with my first slipper and I’m finding it more interesting, perhaps I don’t just need to knit super easy things.
      5/6. I’m so glad that my post has motivated and cheered you. The reason I started my blog was to try to share and inspire others just as you inspire me, it makes me really happy to know that I have given a little back.
      I hope your methotrexate effects soon wear off! I took mine this morning 😦 Thankfully the side effects are less than they were in the first couple of years.
      I hope you have a lovely week too, take care.
      Sharon x

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  3. I have blogger, so don’t know about wordpress….but I always resize my pics and edit them before I post them, then host them at flickr. When I first started blogging, I was uploading from my computer, and they were going to some photo-hosting site that you had to pay for once you ran out of room! No thanks, lol. I’m a list-maker too, and have been known to add things I’ve already done as well! That’s hysterical. Thought I was the only one!

    Good luck with all your projects – you can do it!!!

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    1. Haha, that’s great Allie, it seems as though there are a few of us who add things to our lists just for the satisfaction of crossing them off again 🙂 Thanks for telling me about hosting the photos on Flickr, that is such a good idea. Thanks, I will be making my way through my list of projects and knowing me, adding to it as quick as I cross them off!! Take care. x


  4. Your project list seems very manageable, especially because everything looks so great so far. I am very tempted to start those hexagons too. I loved Ericka’s cushions. Good for you that you’re on to it already!

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  5. Well you’re not going to get bored with a WIP list like that!! I’ve just finished my second, quite complicated, pair of socks which are proving to be my favourite thing to knit. I am already compressing my files but I’m 58% full so looks like I will have to upgrade in the near future. On the plus side though, is that then I will be able to upload videos directly which is something I’d like to do.

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  6. Hi, have just found your blog am loving iit. I always knit with circular needles and could not use straights now, just perserverse, you have received good advice some of which I shall use as I am currently using a much too long cable, due to one of the dogs chewing up my smaller one and really not comfortable will replace it as soon as I return from France. Also love that you are obviously a spinner would like to hear more about that. I knit and spin would dearly like to learn crochet really have a yen to do a ripple or grannie blanket.

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    1. Hi Wendy. It’s great to hear that you are enjoying my blog. The circular needles are getting easier! Oh dear, what a little mischief chewing your cable, I think yarny projects are rather irresistible to pets! I have only recently started spinning using a drop spindle. I can only spin for short bursts otherwise I mess my neck and shoulders up but I love every minute of it :-). My would be to have a spinning wheel! I have been plying my latest efforts today! I would really encourage you to give crochet a good try, it grows so quickly once you get the hang of it. After my patchwork blanket I hope to start a ripple blanket, there are lots of great ripple patterns out there. Sharon. X


  7. Hi Sharon, it could have been worse he had the knitting and the yarn also! The yarn took a bit of sorting but the knitting was OK, my fault I should not have left it laying about he is not much more than a puppy. Hope you manage to at least try a spinning wheel sometime, I dont think it is as tiring as a drop spindle in fact I find it relaxing. Will give crochet a go in the near future, fancy doing the ripple blanket as I think I would find joining all the bits of a granny blanket a bit of a faff! Plus sorting out all the colours. Have two WIP to finish then will make a start. Wendy xx

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