A Country Walk!

A walk in the country probably doesn’t sound so exciting to most of you but for me it is a very rare treat.  Due to the Lupus and Fibromyalgia I am only able to walk short distances with a stick or else use a wheelchair or my mobility scooter so walks through the fields are not an option any more.  What I am able to enjoy though are the walks some of you share here.  A couple of my favourites are Ericka Eckles (I love learning about all the wild flowers in her posts and then seeing them embroidered a few weeks later)  and also Bunny Mummy whose walks are through the most beautiful English countryside.  But last week was different.

Abi and I took another trip to the pretty village of Alfriston in East Sussex.


(We went there to explore on her birthday and had a lovely meal out in the Singing Kettle.)


The streets are narrow with gorgeous flint cottages, some with tiny little front doors, people must have been considerably shorter back then!


Abi was meeting someone for coffee so I took myself off on my scooter and treated myself in the little village stores


to a bakewell tart and some posh lemonade


which I ate on the green by the village church and then enjoyed the sights and sounds of village life while I crocheted.


When Abi rejoined me we decided to see if I would be able to access the river path.


To the right the path was rather bumpy but I was able to glimpse the view through these trees.



After a while and I grounded on the tree roots!  After a lot of pushing from Abi I got going again and we headed the other way.


Here a smooth grass path ran behind the back of church and parallel to the river.


I managed to bump the scooter up a small step to cross this long bridge.


Looking over the edge we could see some water lillies



and at the other end a kissing gate led into the field.  (As children we loved these gates and one would pass through leaving the gate halfway and we would kiss over the gate!)


There were steps at the end of the bridge so we turned back, past cottages


and down a narrow track where there was this lovely gate


and back into the village.

In the car park there was a flint tower


on further investigation we discovered that it was built as a playhouse!


It was so lovely to find a partially accessible country walk and lovely to have some girly time with Abz.  I hope you enjoy our walk.

Happy Crafting, I’ll be back soon with a couple of finished items 🙂

Sharon xx

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29 thoughts on “A Country Walk!

    1. Thank you, there are some beautiful places around here, Abi and I are hoping to explore a few more! The embroidery is some hand embroidery I am working on at the moment. Two more to do and then I shall be able to show them to you all properly. x


      1. I have to wear a hat too as the sun makes my rosacea a lot worse and I notice that I feel a lot worse after I’ve had some sunshine. I’ve been rocking this SPF 60 sunscreen by Vanicream and I still wear a hat and long sleeves. 🙂

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  1. So fun to share this lovely walk with you and Abi. Beautiful photos and scenery too! This fall, my husband and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and we are planning a stay in London and Paris. I have never traveled, and I now have a passport! We have been pouring through travel books and watching YouTube videos that are helpful as we work on an itinerary. It is all so very exciting. Visiting England has been a dream of mine my entire adult life 🙂

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    1. Oh, how amazing. I dream of visiting America, Canada and Switzerland! The most I have done is one day trip to France as a teenager. we don’t have the vastness of America but there is some beautiful countryside and pretty villages. We are in the South East in East Sussex. x


I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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