Some WIP’s Finished!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in a nice creative way.  I told myself that I couldn’t start anything new until my spinning, slippers and shawl were finished, this included not being able to start the kids stocking presents for this month so now I have really got to get busy!  I love starting new projects so this really spurred me on to get a few things off of my wips list.

Did I start anything new in that time?  Well yes I did actually, probably no surprise there but they were all things that couldn’t wait. Firstly this hat for Abi that she wanted to wear to a funeral (sadly two dear Elderly friends/relatives passed away, we have the other funeral tomorrow).


I have already used this pattern from chic crochet twice to make a cream and a white version.  The pattern is fairly easy but really effective.

Previously I have used a wool mix but being summer I decided to use cotton this time and I am glad I did.  It feels lovely, the pattern show a lot better with the cotton and it is also less stretchy, the others have had to be washed to get them back to size!


Another project I started I will tell you more about soon but it couldn’t wait because it involved flowers.


The last extra make was another gift for my Sister’s birthday, a peg bag.  She wanted it to be similar to the design of her old one, below.


Firstly I bought some wooden child hangers as I wanted it to be sturdy (a lot of washing comes with having 9 kids!!).  I drew around this to shape the top and added four inches to the bottom of the bag so that I could bag out the corners to give it a wider base.  I used a saucer to mark out the hole.


I used some very strong fabric for the lining, and a brown for the outside so hopefully it won’t show the dirt  (both from stash).

I wanted it to be pretty as well as useful because with such a busy household practicality always comes first.  so some little flowers and a bird were hand appliqued on.


I just drew these out roughly and used bond-a-web to hold them in place before hand stitching them on with a blanket stitch. I also added french knots to the centre of the of the flowers for a bit of texture.


I used Abi’s new machine to add some pretty stitching to the edges of the hole.


She seemed really pleased with it and I am hoping it will last for many years.

IMG_447326 IMG_448027

So, now onto the finished items from my wips list!  Firstly my two latest yarns that I spun have been plyed together and I really love the effect of mixing the four colours.


I now have 300 metres of a dk yarn.  I am thinking of crocheting a shrug, what do you think, are there any patterns you can suggest?

I have also finished my slippers and they are lovely to wear.


I used this pattern from Ravelry with the Hobbycraft Womens Institute soft and silky and soft and cuddly yarn.  It is so soft against your skin and lovely to wear.  By far the softest acrylic yarn I have ever found.

I decided to add a slightly different border around the ankle to finish them off.

So how did the knitting go?  I am actually beginning to enjoy knitting!  I am so glad that I stuck it out with the budgies. I still need to work with my tension as one slipper is slightly larger than the other, but they do fit!  I can’t see it ever taking the place of crochet in my crafting life but there is definitely a little place for simple patterns and maybe even one day a pair of socks!  Yes, I still have that little bit of me that longs to knit a pair of socks 🙂  So many of you knit such gorgeous socks and you keep inspiring me to keep working on the knitting until I get there.

And my shawl?  I love it, really love it.


(Abi kindly modeled it for me 🙂

I used Sandra’s (from Cherry Heart blog) new pattern , Feeling Dotty.  It needed quite a bit of concentration at first but once I got into the swing of it, it was a pleasure to work up.  I used Drops lace in light brown yarn and it is a beautiful blend of baby alpaca and silk.  I have never used lace weight before so it felt a bit strange but I soon got used to it and really enjoyed it.  I am so pleased with the result!


I’m not a fan of doing the same pattern over and over but there will hopefully be at lest one more made as Abi would like one.  There may also be a couple more made for my nieces.  I still have just over half of that ball of yarn left plus four others that I bought in the sale earlier in the year for just £5 for 100g so there will be more working with lace in the future all being well.


I was amazed at how the blocking opened it up, it made a huge difference.(Before and during blocking).

IMG_4517 IMG_452202

I had already worn it a couple of times before taking the main photos but it is still nice and open.  Thanks Sandra for such a gorgeous pattern.

IMG_452101 IMG_452404

Aside from all the creativity we also looked after this little fellow for Abi’s friend for three days over the weekend.  The colours in his coat are amazing, I struggled to capture them on camera but there is a colour scheme in there somewhere!


He liked to jump up onto the windowsill and peep out,


and was also a bit of a scrounger when it came to lunch time.

IMG_4519 IMG_4520a08

He would pat my leg to attract my attention!  He also curled up with me when I laid down for a rest on the sofa.  Such a sweetie!!

Abi and I have just finished baking four batches of our favourite cookies for the funeral tomorrow so I shall try and share the recipe soon!!

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x


38 thoughts on “Some WIP’s Finished!

  1. What a gorgeous dog! Is he a sheltie? We have an old sheltie mix, and I am now convinced that the breed is one of the best. But I have some serious biased thoughts on the subject.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That shawl is really gorgeous. There’s so many things I want to make but that is going to the top of my list. I’m following your knitting progress… I’ve given it a go in the past and get so frustrated. I also have a funny wish to knit some cute socks though. Beautiful visitor!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The shawl really is just so lovely, just right for summer and once you get into the swing of the pattern it is fairly simple. It seems have though most people swing one way or the other with knitting and crochet. I do find knitting frustratingly slow but I did enjoy it more this time, not sure what I shall attempt next. What is it about knitted socks??!! I think I need to crochet a pair and see if that gets me over the whole sock thing 😉 The dog was gorgeous, he can stay anytime! x


  3. Lovely work all round! I particularly like the hat, even if it was for a sad day. We used to have a miniature collie growing up, so these images brought back some memories 🙂 Ours was called Rodney, of all things!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, the hat pattern is one of my favourites. Glad to bring back some memories, he is called Buddy which was rather amusing as the little boy next door is also Buddy. The poor dog got really confused when he was in the garden and the neighbour was calling his little boy!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Gosh! such a lot to comment on. The shawl is beautiful – I knitted something similar a couple of years ago which I love. How can a peg bag be so beautiful!! Mine is just a plastic basket. The hat looks like a good pattern but sad that you had to make it for such a reason. Nice post Sharon. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lin. I would be interested to see your shawl I don’t suppose you have an old post with it in? I did enjoy making the peg bag beautiful for my sister, every moment of her life is filled with looking after her family and she always puts herself last so it was lovely to make it extra special for her. The two men who died recently were very dear to us all but they were old and suffering so there were mixed feelings when they were taken, joy for their release but sorrow because they really shall be missed. xx


  5. You have been busy, your daughter’s hat looks great and the shawl is lovely, just right for cool evenings. Love the peg bag too- your appliqué will put a smile on your sister’s face I’m sure!
    Sorry to hear about your friends’ deaths, hope the funerals go as well as these things do x

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You did great with all of these projects. I think you’re very talented to have skills in so many crafty areas. The peg bag is such a nice gift. Nine children, wow, she is very blessed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I am a bit of a one for trying out all sorts of different crafts! I see something new and think, oh I’ll give that a go! It keeps me out of mischief 🙂 i was particularly pleased with peg bag for my sister. She truly is blessed with her family. She lives is the same town as us so the children get lots of time with their cousins. x


  7. Love the peg bag – it reminds me of a dap (gym) bag my mother made for me over forty years ago. Identical in style, it also had appliquéd flowers and she now uses it as a peg bag too! I have to say how I love my knitted socks; I’m about to start my third pair:)

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  8. You are so thoughtful with your crafting, the way you considered your sister’s needs with the design of the peg bag and making a hat for Abi at short notice. I am so glad you blocked your shawl to bring out the beauty of the pattern. It looks very pretty and is perfect. It brings me joy to see crocheters enjoying their work; great to read that you love your shawl so much. Yay! Great work, Sharon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I absolutely love everything you made this week! That shawl is so beautiful, whimsical, and elegant. There’s something so fantastic about a lace shawl made with love. I’m totally inspired by your peg bag as it’s something I’ve needed for ages. I love hanging clothes to dry, it’s very meditative and it calms me down in a real way. Your embellishments make that bag even sweeter. Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

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