Postcard from Sussex 3 – A Strange Day.

Well today has been a real mixture.  I know we live in England and the weather is renowned for being unsettled but today has just been extreme.  Last night and this morning it rained and rained really hard causing localised flooding. Halfway through the morning it became so dark that birds fell silent and the street lights even came on!  Storms have rolled around and a lightening strike caused a house fire nearby, the poor lady was due home from hospital today and her house is gutted!

As midday approached the  sky brightened a little, so after a quick lunch we hopefully packed a picnic and traveled to Eastbourne to meet my Sister and family at a park.


There was a hazy sunny and it was really muggy. The children discovered that there is now a water park there and were soon soaked through and didn’t even feel cold!  We then had a walk around the lake and the children sailed my nephews remote controlled boat on the lake which had overflowed and was higher than I have ever seen it!


I used to often come to this lake as a child and it still has lots of swans.  They used to have rowing and pedal boats for hire and was often a summer treat but they are no longer there and the lake is used as a training lake for windsurfing and sailing.


We found ourselves on the beach for a picnic tea and the children had great fun in the water.


The change from morning to afternoon was extreme even for an English summer!  We were so glad to be able to get out together after all!

I hope you are enjoying your summer.  The children are now halfway through the hols and it is going by way too quickly. Happy crafting if you have time to fit it in!!

Sharon xx

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14 thoughts on “Postcard from Sussex 3 – A Strange Day.

  1. Yes, I’m in Sussex too! The weather was quite dramatic today! My son was counting the seconds between the flashes of lightning and the thunders while I was knitting socks! a very wintery afternoon!

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  2. The Boys were having a day of tennis coaching in Surrey by their older cousin until the heavens opened at David Lloyds. A couple of hours later it was at least ten degrees warmer, completely dry and the sun came out! Never a dull conversation when discussing the English Summer:)

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  3. Sounds like you all had an amazing day. Hi Sharon, this is Joy from loving crochet! Thank you for your comment on my blog regarding my babys eczema.  I am considering trying the goats milk, to see if it helps can you recommend a brand or tell me which one you gave your son?I really do feel like I need to give this a go. Yesterday I tried her on soya milk and she had a very bad reaction that needed antistamines. I hope you do not mind me emailing and I hope im not a bother!

    Hope to hear soon

    Joy x

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    1. Hi Joy. Of course I don’t mind, I’m only too pleased to help as I know how miserable it can be. I used whatever I could get in the supermarket but St Helen’s has the mildest taste. You will need to cut out all diary unless there is just a very small amount way down the ingredients lists. This diet also got my daughter completely off of all asthma inhalers and cleared her glue ear so that we were able to cancel the operation she was waiting for! Josh is ten now and we have found that he is also okay with lactofree products. He also couldn’t tolerate the creams he was prescribed but I found some amazing cream from here I used when he was a baby. the
      It was the skin health cream that I used and still do whenever he eats dairy and makes it flare up again! It is expensive but worth it. I hope this helps you and I really hope things soon improve for her. Sharon. Xx


I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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