Back to Normal???..

Well, Hubby is back at work and things are supposed to be back to ‘normal’ holiday mode here and instead I am in bed with a rotten cold and a high temperature!

Abi has been great, hanging washing out and generally helping while Josh has been in full creativity mode! I did venture downstairs earlier to make sure that Josh had a decent lunch and had to close my eyes to the mess!  Josh and Abi are both true creatives and work best in a mess, this time it just happens to be in the lounge, spilling into the kitchen and out to the garden :-). Still I mustn’t complain as he has been so good occupying himself today.

I have tried to catch up a bit with all the posts I missed while we had our holiday at home (oh, we did get a last minute three days to Portsmouth too where I got several goodies at Gunwharf Quays’ amazing outlet mall and I have some bits to share with a giveaway soon)!  Anyhow, I have been catching up but forgive me if any comments are a bit crazy as I am really not very with it right now.

Before I go, I promised to show a picture of Josh’s ‘big’ fish …


he is fantastic at handling them, they are so calm with him.

If you are really pleased with your catch you can always hug it!!!


Sometimes though I think you can get a bit too pleased!!


Have a great week.  I have some new wips to share this week if I am well enough to get some photos and there is going to be a plea for help coming up soon too.  Until then, Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

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24 thoughts on “Back to Normal???..

    1. Thanks Chris. I am feeling quite a bit better today thanks, I just need to take it easy! Great name! Josh just seems to know how to handle the fish, they are so calm with him. He is the same with the budgies and any bugs or creatures he handles. xx


  1. Wow! That fish is a beauty! Well done Josh! I had never heard of anyone being able to ‘calm’ a fish before – is he a ‘fish whisperer’ or should that be a ‘fish-kissing whisperer’? How cool. I see I am not the first one to think that! You have clever children. Kind too – looking after you. I hope you are feeling much better soon.

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    1. Hi Jodie. hehe, something along those lines, I don’t know what it is but they certainly seem to like him (as he does them!!) Thanks, I am feeling quite a bit better as long as I don’t do anything much! just the brain fog to contend with at the moment. Hope you are having a good day 🙂 xx


      1. I did have a good day. On the 21st of August I had a medical appointment which went well. While in that unfamiliar part of town I enjoyed a coffee and snack in a café that was new to me while catching up with an old friend. I hope your brain fog has lifted by now!

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        1. Glad your appointment went well. The brain fog is still lingering, burnt cheese and bacon puffs today, I really can’t cook when my brain is foggy! One day I managed to cook two dinners alongside each other without realising, I dished one up and we all went outside to eat and came back to a smokey kitchen and burnt black chicken under the grill!!


          1. Oh dear! You are lucky the chicken didn’t catch fire. I am sorry that your fatigue is so disabling – as is mine when it comes to cooking. i can certainly relate to the burnt dinners – i burnt muffins today! You don’t realise how much energy it takes to think effectively until you don’t have it. Besides being easily distracted, forgetful and burning things, when i am fatigued, i find it extremely hard to manage the timing of different dishes so they are ready at the same time. Normally not a problem, but when the fatigue hits, it’s impossible. i feel sorry for my family when I mess it up.


            1. It is so true! I feel so stupid when I am like it but thankfully my family just find it funny although underneath Hubby worries a bit! It’s not too much a problem until it’s something important you forget! I have all my appointments on my phone so that an alarm rings to remind me the day before, then I reset the alarm for an hour or so before! I still have been known to forget even then 🙂 ! We just have to make the most of the good days,….. without overdoing it of course!!!


I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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