August Monthly challenge – Lego, shrugs and stitch counter.

August has flown by and here we are in September.   It is getting dark earlier really quickly now and first thing this morning I could just see my breath when I went outside. Josh is back to school this week, Abi has started her new job and I’m thinking about what gifts need making over the next four months!!

I am glad that I joined Jennifer in this challenge as it means I won’t be rushing to make gifts for Abi and Josh.  I did gasp rather the other day though when I started to write all the gifts yet to make, especially as I have had five requests for the ‘feeling dottie’ shawl I made recently.  It’s a gorgeous pattern but being lace it is not the quickest!

So the ‘Me/home’ make this month was a quickie as being the hols creativity time has been in short supply!  I needed a row counter that I didn’t have to have on my needles/hook so I decided to make my own version of one I had seen several people selling on ebay.


I simple bent the end of a piece of wire into a loop, threaded on two beads, a row counter, two more beads and then bent the wire into another loop.  I added a clip and tada!  It’s great, I can use it when knitting with circular needles or in crochet by attaching it to my work or my jumper!

For Josh it was another simple but effective make.  A lego head jar (you can see some examples here).  I was a bit disappointed that the yellow wasn’t brighter but otherwise I am pleased with it.


You simply pour yellow paint into the right shaped jar, swill it around to cover all of the inside and leave to dry.  I also painted the lid.  Then you draw the face on the outside using a marker pen.  A great place to keep boyish treasures!

For Abi I wanted to make a shrug with the yarn that I spun.  I found this ‘Glam Girl’ shrug pattern I liked that didn’t use too much yarn.  It looks lovely in the photos but when I read the pattern I was a bit concerned as it was simply a rectangle joined at the corners and then a couple of rows around the armholes.  So I decided to do a trial run first.  It worked out beautifully with just a couple of alterations to the pattern.


So I worked up a second shrug with the yarn I spun.  I am so pleased with it.



I love the way that the colour changes have worked out too.  There was a little yarn left so I made a little something for myself which I shall show you another time.

Well, that’s all for now but I shall be back soon, hopefully with socks on my wips list!!

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x


28 thoughts on “August Monthly challenge – Lego, shrugs and stitch counter.

    1. If you click this link you can see Jennifer’s first post.

      She was going to make something each month from her magazine and asked if anyone would like to join her, it didn’t have to be from the magazine, just a monthly make. I had had a mad scrabble with making Christmas presents last year and only had time to knock up a couple of really quick makes for the children after I had finished making gifts for everyone else, so when I saw Jennifer’s post I decided that this year I would put the children first and make something for them and also Me/home each month and so I joined in with Jennifer. x

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      1. Sharon thank you so much for my winnings!! Came this morning. Wow everything is gorgeous… I will write a post purely to show off haha!! I’ve been wanting some scissors like those so I’m so happy. And that little cat on them – awww!! Thank you thank you thank you!! ❤ ❤


  1. That shrug is just darling, and I love the lego jar, what a creative idea! I just love those little stitch counters, I think my mom has millions of them, lol – I’d completely forgotten about those. What a clever idea you had!

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  2. Hi Sharon,

    It’s lovely to come and see you here, that shrug is really nice and I love how simple it sounds too. A good quickie pattern. Love the blanket in your header pic btw too, really nice.

    S x

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    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for popping by. The shrug is great and so easy to adapt, I have been thinking of all the lovely crochet stitches it could be made up in! It’s one of those patterns for when you are tired or chatting 🙂 I have just given the blanket to my Sister-in-law for their latest baby, a little girl, she was thrilled with it. x


I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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