‘To be More Creative’

There are so many gorgeous patterns out there, places like Pinterest and your blogs offer so many fantastic creative ideas, I have two large A4 ring binders stuffed with patterns I would like to make someday and a ridiculous amount of Pinterest boards with at least five dedicated solely to crochet!

So as you can see I have no shortage of things to make but then I read a couple of posts over recent weeks by the lovely Bekki of Creativity Cauldron.

In the first post that got me thinking Bekki looked back over her first six months of Blogging and what she had learnt.  Now I instantly pricked my ears up at this as I too had just reached 6 months of blogging. There were two of Bekki’s ten points that particularly resonated with me the first was…

I don’t spend enough time ‘playing’ with my creativity.

and the second …

To take a more experimental approach to my work.

I was being so inspired by everyone ‘around’ me in this online creative community that I was forgetting to be creative myself so then and there I resolved to be more creative.  Not a lot happened on this front over the hols other than a little stitchery but then this post by Bekki about experimenting and these points in particular really got me thinking about it again. (If you have a minute I would really recommend going over and reading these posts).

  • I don’t spend enough time ‘playing’ with my creativity.
  • I can take things far too seriously.
  • I need to take a more experimental approach.

I am loving this creative process so much, I am still getting so much inspiration from your blogs and patterns but I am trying to take these in my own direction and add my own individual touch to them. I do find it takes a bit lot longer as I am having to do all the hard background work myself but there is such a sense of achievement at the end. So here are my first two ‘experiments’.

The first was a stitchery inspired by the work of Jenny over at Elephanz.  I fell in love with her stitcheries some time ago and when I realised that my eldest niece was about to turn 21 I wanted to embroider her a verse from the Bible as a special extra gift and hopefully start a little tradition among my nieces and nephews (that will keep me busy over the coming years – my sister has 9 and my brother has just had number five, six weeks early while on holiday in Wales in their holiday cottage, they had to spend an extra two weeks down there as baby was in special care but home now and mother and baby doing well 🙂 ). Anyway, back to where I was about to embroider a verse for niece!   I looked at Jenny’s lovely patterns, she has some lovely free stitcheries with bible verses on but I felt I would like to use a verse that I felt I was to do just for her and I also remembered my resolution to be more creative and designed my own.

The verse I chose was ‘I will trust and not be afraid’.  The writing was the easy part as I taught myself calligraphy as a teen and love doing any fancy writing.  Then there was the inspiration for the border.  This came from a box Hubby got out when having a rummage our loft (that is about all you can do in our loft, with four of us in little two bedroom and me being a bit of a hoarder our loft is jam packed full)!!  It was a box with all those ‘sentimental’ bits from childhood in and among was this design I did when I was about 13.


I took inspiration from this design and interpreted it in a style similar to Jenny’s and the result was this.


It is worked mostly in back stitch with the occasional french knot.



I spent a lot of time working on it while we were on our ‘holiday at home’!


She was thrilled with it and I was so glad I had taken the time to make something special for her, she is such a dear kind and thoughtful girl.

My second creative attempt was for one of my cousins’ children, her youngest (well over 40 of them in all and counting, most of them local so we see a lot of them!). I digress again, sorry!!! Anyway, this little treasure has just gone into her own bedroom and it is all pretty and pink so I decided to crochet her some butterfly bunting.  I did my usual peruse of Pinterest but nothing really grabbed my attention, then remembering again my creativity endeavour (not sure where on earth all the big words are coming from today, not the usual me ;-)), I decided that I ought to just make up my own pattern and this is the result!


and close up.




I love it, I spent a lot of time going over the pattern and reworking it so they are all very slightly different but eventually I was satisfied and I was really pleased with the result.  I backed them onto felt to stiffen them, added some brads I had by to add a bit of interest and used doubled up yarn to join them together, what do you think?

I hope I haven’t bored you too much with all my waffling on!  What inspires you?  Do you like to design your own or use a pattern?

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the sunshine if you have it in your little part of the world  at the moment 🙂

Happy Crafting!!
Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x


26 thoughts on “‘To be More Creative’

  1. It’s amazing how caught up we get in the “to do” list of making, that we can stop exploring materials and the creative process. I too suffer with this – particularly as I take on more commissions – and I try to make time at the end of the day to let my creative brain wander.

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  2. What lovely makes. I especially love the embroidery. Thanks for the name check and recommending people take a look. I also love ‘I will trust and not be afraid’ – something I need to tell myself more often. Thank you 🙂

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  3. Hah, sorry to say I’m quite glad I’m not the only one to fear the “the big creative new space” 🙂 It took me ages to pick up dyeing, but going for it definitely pays of – and feeling adventurous, taming the fear of failure, it feels amazing!

    So here’s to another 6 months of blogging, and I wish you many new endeavours 🙂

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      1. Indeed it is! I was watching a film the other day of queen Victoria and she wasn’t allowed to go up or down stairs without someone walking with her, and it reminded me of this conversation – wouldn’t one fear stairs if one had been told all one’s life that they were dangerous? It’s the same thing, basically 😊

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  4. Well done on seeking to express your very own God-given creativity! I love what you’ve made, and can’t wait to see more. Bless you heaps!

    PS: Elefantz is spelled with an ‘f’ not a ‘ph’ – and you know, so many people make that little error. But God gave me that name in a dream before I ever picked up a needle or drew a sketch, so it’s rather special to me. xxx

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    1. Thanks so much Jenny , I find your work so inspiring, I have finally finished my sewing case and hope to take some photos and get it blogged soon.
      I can see how special the name must be to you, sorry about the mistake, so wonderful for you to have God show you the name in that way. God bless you and yours and all that you do on your blog. Hugs, Sharon x


  5. First – I see in your header that you have an embroidery design that looks an awful lot like Ytmar Santiago’s, from Retroboulevard – I used to belong to her yahoo group, for many years, did you too?
    Second, I LOVE this post. I’ve been thinking about how incredibly creative I used to be, before internet, I’d see a pic of something in a magazine and just make it, improvising the whole time. I lost a lot of that when I started getting involved in blogging and pinterest! I really love the stitchery you did, bravo, it’s wonderful and I can see why she loved it! And your butterflies are just darling! Good for you on getting so creative – I think it’s wonderful!!!


    1. Thanks Allie for all your lovely comments. It was fun being more creative. There is just so much creativity out there that I found I was forgetting my own creativity. I guess really I was being lazy, also with the crochet I still feel that I have a lot to learn. I will still sometimes be using patterns but hopefully I shall be designing more of my own too. The embroidery patterns I was given by an elderly lady years ago (I embroidered the whole alphabet onto a pram quilt when I was expecting Abi), they were from a Women’s Realm magazine taken from ‘French Style – Embroidery. I guess they could be her work? It would be interesting to know!


  6. Great post Sharon and good luck with your ‘creativity’. Brilliant so far – l love your framed bible verse, so pretty too and the butterflys are delightful. Having done a couple of C&G courses I tend always to go for something of my own design first but now and again it is lovely to just sew someone elses design! I am likely to tweak it though to suit me! Congratulations on your first 6 months – I am about to hit 200 posts which seemed like a huge miles stone when I first started blogging but has gone so quickly. xx

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    1. Thanks Lin. I think I will be doing a bit of both but if I use a pattern I would like to add my own touch to it too (unless it’s knitting of course, I am way too much of a beginner to experiment there! ) . I have loved the blogging journey so far, you are all such lovely people and give so much encouragement and support. X


  7. Good on you for going with your own creativity! The trouble is, there are so many wonderful things on Pinterest to inspire that it is easy to replicate rather than go to the effort of designing something new. Having said that, the reason I do tutorials is because often people just want to get on and make something without the pressure of having to come up with a new idea. I love your butterflies and embroidery – I hope your creativity continues:)


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