Tarn, Scrap Yarn and Bargains!

Here we are again at the change of seasons and as summer turns to autumn we have just got out all the winter clothes, the cosy jumpers, long sleeves, scarves etc.  others of you will be enjoy the first few signs of spring and getting out the summer clothes but what do you do with the clothes you no longer want?

As usual in our house there is the bag of bits for the charity shop, outgrown clothes to pass down to younger cousins but there are also quite a few bits this year heading for upcycling. We had a few t-shirts that were past wearing so these got cut up for tarn (t-shirt yarn)  and I followed the method Sheila from Sewchet blogged some time ago and that I used for my  Owl Basket. Here are a few pictures but for a more detailed post go to Sheilas post here.

First I cut the top of the t-shirt off just below the arms.  I have saved mine to use in other projects.  Also cut the hem off.


folded it in half so that one side seam is about 1 1/2″ short of the other.


Cut strips so that I cut through all layers until I got to where the lower side seam is and just cut through this but didn’t cut the other 1 1/2″ left up to the other side seam.


I then put my arm through the uncut part and cut diagonally from the outer edge to the top of the first slit and then diagonally across all strips to the end leaving me with one continuous length to stretch and wind into balls.


My photos aren’t very clear but Sheila’s tutorial is brilliant if you are interested in making your own tarn.

Then the next day as I passed a charity shop I saw a large bin of clothing labelled ‘fill a bag for £1’, well, I couldn’t resist that and stuffed a bag full of t-shirts and ended up with all of this lovely tarn, 21 balls of it.


It will probably have to sit in the craft room until after Christmas and then I shall have fun creating something lovely with it!

There were also 3 jumpers and I have an idea for them and I am rather itching to get on with it but with all I need to get done for Christmas I know I ought to wait but we shall see what wins!!  🙂

I have also sorted out all my tiddly bits of leftover and gifted dk yarn, joining them using the Russian joining method.


Winding them on my lovely yarn winder


and I ended up with 5 large cakes of multi coloured yarn!


Again I am not too sure what these will be used for but they might make a fun granny square blanket, what do you think?

Now to the bargains, I love bargains and I love books and last Monday I got both! Abi had a day off work and we had a girly morning exploring some of the shops on the outskirts of Eastbourne.  On the odd occasion we go there it is with a shopping list and there just isn’t time to explore but this time we went without a list and just mooched!

There was one particular shop, Camilla’s Bookshop, that I wanted to show Abi.  I used to regularly browse here in my teens when I was building up my collection of old books!


You may remember Josh’s stick people that guard my books!


The old man is my favourite.


Well, back to this amazing bookshop. I can hardly begin to describe it, there are a lot of books outside and then you go through the door and there are just books everywhere. literally floor to ceiling. bookshelves crammed in with waist high piles of books in front of them.  The stairs have piles of books and there is an upstairs and downstairs also crammed with books.

There is however order in all this mountain of books and I soon found my favourite section of Victorian novels, classics like Uncle Tom’s cabin and the Wide Wide World and many others I love and have read over and over again. I was pleased to find a few doubles for Abi’s stocking to add to her little collection and a few by favourite authors that I hadn’t already got.


Also this old wartime recipe book for £2 and the first Jennings book for Josh!


Abi found this old canvas backed Lake District map.  She hopes to use it to create a memory book from the holiday she went on to the Lakes last month with a group of friends.




I found a rather interesting craft book


With some interesting ideas,


projects for scrap fabric


and projects for scrap yarn.


So, with all the tarn, scraps yarn and books I won’t be short of things to do over the coming months!

And if you have a minute pop over to Camilla’s Bookshop site and you will get some idea of what an Aladdin’s cave of books it is!  (If you look at the picture ‘Stuart in action’, you can see in the top right the piles of books on the stairs, keep scrolling and you start to see why I love it so much!!)

So what will you be doing with any clothes you no longer need?  I would love to hear from you so please feel free to comment and I would love to hear any upcycling ideas you have.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx


15 thoughts on “Tarn, Scrap Yarn and Bargains!

  1. Oh, those old books are wonderful! I would love to read some of them. I think that yarn will make a great granny blanket! Good idea. Have you seen my winter project link party? I’d love to have you if you’re interested in linking up. Hope you’re having a good week, Sharon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I would love to join you. I seem to have missed that post, WordPress is good at popping a new post in the middle of ones I have already read. I try to check back but sometimes I miss a post here and there. I’ll try to get onto it tomorrow if that’s not too late? A bit of a busy week here so far but good busy, thanks. xx


  2. You’ve really got the hang of making Tarn now, haven’t you – what a bargain, all those T-shirts! Such a good idea to make your own self striping yarn from scraps too. I’m definitely going to be using that idea.

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  3. Our minds are on the same wavelength – last month I started crocheting the old sewing scraps which I had been hoarding for ages. I cannot waste a scrap, I’m afraid! Very much into re-think, re-use and re-cycle.
    Do you think the charity shopkeeper has any idea of your purpose for that bag of t-shirts? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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