Homemade, Stitched with Heartstrings.

I’m joining Jenny’s Homemade, stitched with heartstrings in the run up to Christmas.  It’s a great way of sharing ideas and what we make over the next two months.

ELEFANTZ homemade stitched with heartstrings button

I didn’t think I would be about here much these hols but with Hubby down with what Josh had last week, he has asked me to keep him company while Josh is out playing with his friends in the gorgeous sunshine we are having today.  Hubby is feeling too poorly for talking but just wanted me to sit near him. He has a fever and extremely sore throat the same as Josh did but if he moves about much he is also sick so he is really suffering today.

anyhow, back to the gifts, you can read my ‘winter wips post here‘ where I list what I plan to make but here are a few pictures of some of the finished gifts. Click on any picture or title to view full post.



Five ‘Turbie’ towels 


A beaded necklace made from rose petals.

A shrug, crocheted with the yarn I spun


A ‘lego head’ jar


a beanie hat


A clay Owl Trinket dish


Cuff Links with watch movements

SAM_077010 SAM_076708

and a teapot sewing caddy



a snail and an owl crocheted coaster.


a needle felted tiger



crocheted socks


and finally Three Knitted Budgies

I still have lots to do but I did finish the mice and rabbit pyjama cases yesterday so I hope to post about them soon, I also have something else to show which I am rather excited about 🙂

Hopefully back soon, Happy crafting!!

Sharon xx


15 thoughts on “Homemade, Stitched with Heartstrings.

  1. Wow, you have been busy already, while I’m just starting to think about it! That snail coaster would be perfect for a snail-collecting friend of mine. Thanks! I saw your comment on Jenny’s blog. So glad you are sharing!

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    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I had such a mad rush last year and I didn’t have much time to make anything for the children so this year I have been making them one gift a month. I also started early on other gifts too hoping to make the process enjoyable rather than a rush!


        1. The tiger was my second try at 3d needle felting, I have since done one wet felting picture too. I just typed tiger into google images and worked from there. I have made three more animals recently and will be talking about them soon hopefully, just a bit more to do first 🙂

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