Yes, Yes, Yes, I’ve done it!!

Isn’t it just such an amazing feeling when you achieve a goal. If you haven’t already guessed, I am now the proud owner of a pair of hand knitted sock, socks knitted by me and this time I loved every minute of this knitting journey!  I feel as though I am understanding knitting quite a bit more than I did when I began the budgies!
You may remember that I fast forwarded myself to this goal by challenging   Jane at Rainbow Junkie to crochet a pair of socks and I would knit a pair. Hers were finished some time ago but she has kindly waited for me to finish mine before posting about it. I shall share a link asap.
So how did the journey go? Well with all your tips in mind and the beginners guide to knitting socks book by  Chloe Thompson, I decided on a plain sock but using self patterning yarn to make them more interesting. I chose drop fabel colour 522, turquoise/blue print which gives a fair isle effect (no, I’m not clever enough to be doing fair isle! Colour work is my knitting goal for 2016 all being well. )


I knitted them on three 3.25 needles with a fourth for working with. The only frustration with the yarn was that the first ball had several knots so I cut these out and joined it using the Russian join as I didn’t fancy having knots rubbing my feet. The second ball was okay so I think the first must have been a bit of a one off.
I actually knitted a gauge swatch, I avoid these where possible as it seems such a waste to knit something you are just going to rip out but I reckoned I really did need to be good here! I followed the example pattern in the book which takes you through step by step with lots of pictures. The book explains the whole process so well from choosing your yarn to darning them and really took the fear out of sock knitting for me.

I took the advice in the book and knitted the first two stitches on each needle tighter to avoid any ladders which worked!  I think there was one mistake in the pattern, some of knitters may know, it said knit to last two stitches, kks, k1. But I needed three stitches to do that so instead I knit to the last three stitches then kks, k1.
The only mistakes I made were when a couple of times I gained a stitch and I was naughty, I didn’t have the confidence in my knitting to find out where I had gone wrong so I just knit two together! Also on the first sock I picked up the heel flap on a pearl row so the join shows on the outside but I didn’t realise where I had gone wrong for some time so I left it. Here is the first sock which I did wrong,


and the second which looked a lot better


And then there was the toe, I decided to be brave and give kitchener stitch a try, for the first sock I followed this video but for the second one I decided to try using the written instructions in the book but got in a right old mess and had to try to unpick it so it was back to the video.  I was really happy with the result.

So after months of looking at all the gorgeous socks so many of you knit I finally have a pair of my own!


I had intended to get them matching and found what I thought was the right place to start the second sock but as I got going I realised that there were two similar pattern orders and I had started at the wrong green bit so they just had to be mis-matched!

Will I be knitting another pair?  Yes, the bug has bitten, I already have the yarn, this time a pair for Josh, I just have to decide whether to be brave and try a different stitch this time!  Abi has decided to try knitting her own and I think she is ever madder braver than me as she has only ever knit a bit of a scarf and a toy dog and hasn’t learnt any stitches other than knit!
So finally I just want to thank all of you for your encouragement and inspiration!

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x


52 thoughts on “Yes, Yes, Yes, I’ve done it!!

    1. Thank you. Oh, that’s great, have fun. I was surprised at how much easier it was than I had thought. The best advice I could give after knitting my first pair is to think of it as separate steps and just work through them one at a time without worrying about what comes next!

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    1. Thanks, yes, I have found them great to pick up just for a few rows, I would like to add a very easy pattern to the next pair, something boyish as they will be for Josh if you have any ideas. I had wondered about a rib? I’ve been wondering how easy it is to knit them on circular needles, how do you knit yours?

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      1. I just finished making the first sock of a pair using this pattern It is free, and has a simple rib pattern. I have knitted socks on double pointed needles for years, and just switched to using 2 16″ cable needles with a little double point needle help when doing the gusset. The cable needles mess with my head when I am starting out, but once I made the switch I discovered that they are really easy to use and the stitches don’t fall off!! That last part makes it nice as I haul my knitting around with me. Here’s a video that I used to help me make the transition.

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  1. Woohoo, congrats! I can imagine your giddiness at having knitted up your first pair of socks 😀 They look really good, and with “proper” techniques like heel turns, too – I’ve yet to do that…

    So Sharon, tell me – are you a sock knitter now?

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  2. You are one up on me. I’ll never even try another pair. LOL I saw some socks for sale the other day that were completely mismatched, not even trying to match, and they were $18 a pair, so there you go. You’re in the forefront of fashion!

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      1. Yes, but I won’t pay that for a pair of socks, either. Hand knitted wears out as fast as machine knitted, in my experience. =) Of course, I know the yarn to make them isn’t cheap, either, but then I’m not knitting any. So I’m not getting all that fun! LOL

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  3. The exuberance and excitement of your first pair of knitted socks exuded from the title of your blog entry in my blog reader. I am so thrilled for you and know how much this means – after all this time. WELL DONE! You can be extra proud. As for ‘mismatching’ that is totally subjective. When you are walking around in them, people won’t have time to sit there scrutinizing your socks! They match in style and colour and what more can one ask for?? 🙂 Great job, Sharon!
    Also, be pleased with your ‘on-the-run’ fixes with your row counts. I don’t think a stitch here or there really matters and the main thing is that you finished your socks instead of having a meltdown and ripping them up when you found a discrepancy.
    Doing a happy dance here in celebration for you! Big happy hugs! xx

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    1. Thanks so much Jodie, I still feel all skippy when I look at them! I’m not a fan of ripping back knitting that’s why I jigged the extra stitch, crochet is so much easier to rip back and I think you can get away with mistakes easier too. I am enjoying knitting now but I can’t see it ever coming ahead of crochet for me 🙂 xx


  4. WOW GIRL – I am so impressed with you!!!! This is something I want to learn, just not in the budget at the moment….but you give me hope that someday I can do it! Your socks are just gorgeous, I love them and I bet they feel WONDERFUL!!!!

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