What I did with those Scrabble Tiles and other bits!!

I decided after several interested comments on my last post that I really must get around to using and posting about the scrabble tiles for three Christmas gifts. They will be for Hubby’s brother and sisters. (I didn’t want to keep you in suspense any longer Bekki 😉


So what was it all about?  Well this gift idea came from something similar one of my cousins made us last year and here they are!


There is the family surname (I’ve blurred that out) and then each family member’s name laid out like a crossword.


I painted the backgrounds to go with their colour schemes.


They are framed in these box frames from the Range.  They are just deep enough to take the depth of the scrabble tiles.  I purchased those on ebay and was able to specify which letters and quantity of each letter I needed.  They were such fun to make and a nice quick gift too!

I have also got a couple of photos of the other Amish puzzle ball.

IMG_982607 IMG_982506

And ‘feeling dotty’ shawl number two is finished, a silver grey this time, only three more to go before Christmas!!!



I also had two books I ordered for the Secret Santa arrive, one for the stitching entry and the other for the yarny one.


I took advantage of a flash sale to get these and a couple of other gifts drastically reduced 🙂


I feel like a child again every time I get parcels in the post at this time of year!

It’s Josh’s birthday tomorrow and his party later today so I must dash, have a great and creative week!!

Sharon xx


14 thoughts on “What I did with those Scrabble Tiles and other bits!!

  1. Love these- such a great idea! Hope you get those shawls done in time, not long left you know. Gathering stuff for the #stitchingsanta has been such good fun hasn’t it? I’ll show mine later this week.

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    1. Thanks. Tell me about it!!! I’m just doing what I can each day and I’m determined to enjoy every minute and not stress about it, I did warn them when they were requested that they might not be ready for Christmas! Yes, I am having so much fun gathering bits together for the Stitching Santa, I just wish I had more time to make bits 🙂 I’ll look forward to seeing yours. x

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  2. Love your idea for the scrabble letters, personal and crafty. It’s good fun getting organised for the stitching Santa, so many ideas. I have a couple of family presents to finish by the end of November, one is a crochet blanket for a double bed, I am getting fed up of yellow, brown and cream, but my son really deserves the effort. Good luck with your crafting this week.

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