Exciting Stuff…Felting and a little Woodwork!

Okay, so it doesn’t take a lot to get me excited, especially if it’s creative but I have itching to show you the Christmas card I designed for this year and also what Hubby made me that I mentioned recently.

I have said a couple of times that I have doing some more 3d needle felting and I am finally ready to reveal!

For my Christmas card I wanted to create a winter woodland scene out of felt.  I am still very much a beginner to this, having only made a basic owl and a tiger before. It was challenging and the creatures could be a lot better but I am happy with the overall effect.  The first animal I made was a rabbit.


He was fairly simple as only needed a basic shape, faces I always find challenging but he is rabbity enough.

Next I made an owl, he again was a fairly basic shape and so not too difficult.


Lastly I made a fallow deer.  She was a lot harder.  There was something therapeutic about taking a lump of fluff and jabbing it into a rough shape, gradually adding more fibre to get a basic body, then a bit of colour.

Even chopping her about to gain the right proportions!


I was glad of those finger guards, especially when doing the legs!

I spent hours working on her and she is a big part of what messed my neck up so in the end I had to just stop.  There is still something not quite right about her but I have to tell myself that I am only learning and not be too fussy!


Next I wet felted the background in white and cream, laying on rough strip of brown for trees,

I then needle felted a little more detail,


made a base and a tree stump for the owl and put it all together.


Then came the photography, Abi took the final image for me and I edited it to  give it a softer outline.

final christmas card image

I used Vista Print to do the cards as they have a half price deal on at the moment. This is the first time I have had my own design printed and it was so exciting when they arrived in the post (little things!!)



Now on to what Hubby made me… an Amish style yarn swift.

Lately I have bought more yarn in a skein and even using my ball winder it was such a faff and I was constantly getting in a tangle trying to unwind the skein.

I had looked for tutorials on you tube, watched a couple (this was the most helpful) and then joined Hubby in the garage to make it.


First we measured two 30″ lengths of wood and sanded them to smooth any rough edges.  It was 2″ wide by 1″ deep.


Next we found the centre of both lengths and Hubby cut away a chunk half the depth of the wood and 2″ wide in the centre of each.

He then glued these together to form a cross and when dry he drilled a hole through the centre.  We then measured every 1 1/2 ” on each strut of the cross and drilled holes halfway deep to take the dowels (lolly/popsicle sticks).

Next Hubby cut a scrap of wood to a 17″ square for the base and drilled a hole in the centre.


Hubby then put a bolt up through the hole in the base, added a washer and some nuts topped by another washer to lift the cross,

put the cross on the top adding another washer and a wing nut to hold it loosely in place and it was done!


It works amazingly and makes winding your skein just so much easier, thanks Hubby!!

So that was my exciting things, maybe they don’t excite you but I am really chuffed with both of them 🙂

Have a great week and Happy Crafting!

Sharon xx





44 thoughts on “Exciting Stuff…Felting and a little Woodwork!

      1. I’m just being honest here, it really looks very good. I am secretly envying the barn owl 😀
        About the skein winder, I really mean it: if your husband feels like making another one, I’ll gladly discuss a price with him!

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  1. Wow your needle felting is awesome! Great tip about the finger guards, I have often lost blood doing felting! Your animals are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with the deer that I can see! What a lovely card that makes.

    I love needle felting – it is just simply divine to work with and great for de-stressing with all that stabbing.

    How wonderful to have a crafty hubby to make things for you! that yarn swirl thingy, looks like it makes short work of wool winding. I love the idea of the Amish lifestyle, it is such contrast to my chaotic life.. but then I remember I love my electric sewing machine, and reading inspiring blogs.. sigh.. I could not do without those.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The needle guards really do make a difference, I have jabbed through them just once, not sure quite how that would have felt without them! I think the deer’s head is too big or something, I can’t work it out myself it just doesn’t seem quite right! Hubby is great, I love getting out in the garage with him 🙂

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  2. Sharon, what a great idea to make your own Christmas cards. I absolutely love the felt animals and the whole scene you have created! It’s quite impressive for a beginner (I have never tried felting before, so for me it seems quite complicated and very creative). That’s so nice that your husband can make things for your crafty needs.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Larissa, it’s the first year I have had my own design printed and I was really pleased with the result. It’s worth giving felting a try, it’s easier than you think if you just keep pushing past the ‘this is never going to look like it’ stage!


  3. Oh my dear I am blown away by your felted animals and Christmas cards – how professional!!! The details are amazing! And your yarn swift, I’ve never heard of such a thing but what a handy hubby, he’s a keeper for sure!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Allie, everyone is saying such lovely things which is reassuring as sometimes I don’t have a lot of confidence in what I make. Some of the felted animals out there are just incredible! The yarn swift is just brilliant, simple but so helpful. Hubby is great, it truly is a blessing to have such a handy Hubby. He works in home improvement so he has all the tools in his van too :-). Xx


  4. Oh wow! A yarn swift is on my Christmas list and I KNOW I won’t get one, so now Mr H-L can make one for me! Your felting is just fantastic and I absolutely love the scene you’ve created – I bet it has pride of place when Christmas comes:)

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  5. Oh, your card is so beautiful, and perfectly unique. And as for your husband, I can only imagine his face if I asked him to construct me something yarn-related… Though he makes up for it when he brings me a cup of tea in bed-of-a-morning 🙂

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  6. You certainly have the right title for your blog because you do have such a creative family! Your winter scene looks amazing. Keep on felting – you have a talent for it.
    Lucky you to receive a yarn swift from your hubby. That’s VERY exciting! You are not the only one who gets excited by such things – I have had a yarn swift on my wish list for a long time but I am saving my pennies for a wooden one and not a plastic one. There is something soothing and tactile about wood that makes it a joy to handle, unlike plastic. I bet you have had some very speedy and orderly ball winding sessions by now! Such a simple design and yet they sell in the shops for an exorbitant amount. I don’t understand it. Finally, I am sorry to be late in responding to your blog posts- November has been a very busy and hectic month for me but now school has finished, there is time to catch up with everyone. Enjoy your Christmas preparations. xxx


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