A PJ Case Ta-dah at Last!!

Well, you have seen these PJ cases at various stages and had sneak peeks throughout the past months and finally they are all finished.  The original idea for these came from a similar bunny PJ case I had as a child.


I am really pleased with how they worked out, the mice in the darker calico being my favourite.

The mice and rabbits head patterns were taken from the Tilda, Sew Sunny Homestyle book. I enlarged them and used just the top 3″ or so of the body to create the neck, shoulders and chest. All of the fabric was upcycled sheets and duvet except for the calico used for the heads.


I then made up a dress pattern with a pinafore bodice and a long gathered skirt with a pillow case style opening to make the PJ case.

The apron is a simple rectangle gathered onto a waistband, the tucks already being part of the duvet.

I added a row of fancy stitching using Abi’s sewing machine that we gave her for her 18th. (I think I have probably used the machine more than her!!)

I spent some time on the aprons with each little girl’s initial embroidered, adapting a design I was given years ago from an old magazine and I originally used to make a pram cover for Abi when we were expecting her.

Lastly I embroidered the faces and added blusher to their cheeks

and here they are all ready to be loved.


I really like this idea and I am now wondering how I could do something similar for the younger boys next year!

I am gradually getting through my Christmas gift list with shawl number three just finished blocking today, we even had some sunshine to photograph it!  I shall show you soon all being well.

Oh, I have just remembered that I promised to put up the Gateau recipe, I’ll try to do that later.


How is your gift list coming on?  Enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Crafting!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x


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I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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