Christmas Preparations and Ouch!!

Warning, if you are in the kitchen preparing for Christmas don’t unblock the blender with your finger!


I know, I mean how can anyone be so stupid?  ….Obviously I can.

I had been pushing myself too far, the Lupus had fogged my brain and I just didn’t even think about unplugging the blender before unblocking it.

Thankfully I am right handed and it was a finger on my left hand that I cut.  I have 3/4″ cut on my knuckle just below the nail and another that went right across my nail cutting right through it and some way into the skin below.  (I could bend my finger where a bend shouldn’t be!)

This all happened on Friday, I was in the middle of cooking a mini Christmas dinner with Abi as Abi and boyfriend won’t be with us for lunch Christmas day. The plan was to have a lovely dinner and then all put the tree up together.  Well even with a nasty cut there was no way I was going to leave the dinner so I just held kitchen roll really tight around it while Abi and Josh carried on with getting the dinner.

After about 3/4 hour it was still bleeding a lot and I knew I needed to get it sorted but the thought of Accident and Emergency on a Friday night was not appealing.  Then a friend called by whose son works in the local A and E, she said he was at home that day and whisked me off to his home where he fixed it for me, yay! I was so grateful to them and we did get our dinner eventually.

Then it was time to decorate the tree.  We started by putting the lights on and then add all of the ornaments (tinsel is banned from the tree!).


We started a new family tradition with our children and that is that each year I get them a new ornament for the tree.  The idea being that one day when they have their own home all being well they will all their childhood ornaments to take with them.  Do you have any Christmas traditions?

A lot of Abi’s ornaments are owl themed

With a couple of Willow Tree ornaments recently added.


I love the Willow Tree range and I have several of the larger ornaments myself.  They are very simple and although they don’t have facial features they seem to express so much.

Josh’s are a little more boyish.

This year I gave him a Ferrari key ring to hang on the tree as he so keen on super-cars at the moment but apparently it was too special to go on the tree and he has put it safe in his bedroom ready for when he gets his Ferrari!!  He has high ambitions that boy!

and of course I couldn’t leave Abi’s boyfriend out…


There are also other ornaments, among them some that I or the children made.


a few robins

and a bauble that was Hubby’s as a boy.


and some other favourites collected over the years.

including a few with photos.

I just love this time of year so much.  Christmas is just such a special time, both with my faith and also the time it gives you to spend with family.

Have fun preparing for your Christmas and Happy Crafting!

Sharon xx

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27 thoughts on “Christmas Preparations and Ouch!!

  1. Nooooo – that’s a crafter’s worst nightmare, especially one as productive as you! Hope it heals quickly. What a great display of ornaments, some very special ones in there.


    1. Thanks Sheila, I set it back a bit yesterday, knocking it and making it start bleeding again, it was certainly a shock when the blender suddenly started on my finger! I do love my ornaments, there is always something different to look at, there is always a big discussion with Josh though about tinsel, I ban it to the bedroom – mean mother! x

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  2. Ooooooh nasty!! What a beautiful tree and thank you for showing all the lovely decorations you have. I have a lovely collection that I have made over the years but we have been in UK at Christmas for the last 4 or 5 years so I have not been able to use them sadly. Hope the finger heals well – no knitting for a while then. xx

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    1. Yes, I don’t know quite how I managed to switch the blender back on with my finger in it!! I am trying to knit with my ‘poorly’ finger sticking out, it is slower but its working – sort of!! What a shame you haven’t been able to use your ornaments lately. Are you in the UK this year? I hope you have a great Christmas wherever you are. xx


  3. Nooo! That looks so painful, I hope it is soon feeling better. It’s so easy to get bogged down in all the preparations and do something just like that without really thinking, even without illness adding to it. It sounds like the sort of thing I’d do. Your tree and decorations look beautiful- thanks for sharing them. I hope you and your family have a happy and injury free Christmas:-)

    Liked by 1 person

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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