Handmade Gifts.

I have been thinking about what really made this Christmas special. We had a lovely family Christmas, a children’s carol service at the Sunday School, lots of time with family and friends, fantastic food and amazing gifts, looking back it makes me think just how favoured we are.

The weather wasn’t great but we didn’t get flooded as many did in England this year, we have a lovely little home filled with love to celebrate in and friends and family to spend precious time with and remember those who are no longer with us.

But what really stood out to me this year was the handmade gifts.  I make a lot of gifts to give but very rarely receive them but this year was different.  First there were the lovely bits in my Stitching Santa parcels made by Jane and Cathy which you can read more about here.  I was overwhelmed by the time and thought they had put into my parcels.

This year the children both made me gifts too and they are far more precious than anything they could have bought.  Abi spent hours embroidering me a beautiful framed verse and two pictures, she didn’t quite get time to finish them so I shall have the pleasure of seeing her work on them too.  It was all her own design and I just love them so much. Here is the one she finished.IMG_1232

Josh painted me a canvas, a lovely cheerful sunset scene completely out of his head.

At the beginning of the holidays Josh also shut himself away in the craft room for a whole day and made gifts.  There were these coasters with fancy stitching done on Abi’s machine,

A little pillow that is just right to put behind my head.  The floral fabric has been sewn on by hand

and a drawstring bag that I did have to just help him with the button holes for the cord.

All of these gifts are far more special than the most expensive gift that was bought for me and it has made me realise just how special handmade gifts can be if they are given to someone who will really appreciate the time and love put into them.

Josh was also given a budget to buy us a gift each on Amazon and this is what he ordered for me!


I am not always sure how my handmade gifts will be received but this year I watched and was pleased to see how happy everyone seemed with them.  The reading pillows were a great hit with the boys as were the pj cases with the girls (faces blurred as some of my family are not very keen on the internet).

and the scarves and scrabble frames got lots of happy comments too!

How do you feel about handmade gifts both to make and receive?

I am looking forward to sharing another creative year with you all.

Sharon xx


24 thoughts on “Handmade Gifts.

  1. I agree handmade is best. When my son told me his girlfriend had stood holding up the blanket I made them for ages and then pronounced it awesome and when I heard my step granddaughter had said her coat hangers were too lovely to cover up with clothes, my Christmas was made! And I absolutely adore my secret Santa gifts. What your children made you is just wonderful.

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  2. Pleased that your hand made gifts went down well and Josh did so well with gifts for you. Abi’s stitchery is beautiful. Handmade gifts are always lovely to receive – precious. xx

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  3. What lovely gifts. I love making things for people and have done for a good few years now and they have been well received but I have also come across at least one person that thinks handmade means no money has been spent !! and just don’t get the handmade thing so I now bear that in mind when giving a handmade gift 🙂

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  4. Oh you gave and were given some lovely things. I try to make most of my gifts, its something I have always done. We are so lucky aren’t we. I missed the Carol singing this year but am planing quite a different Christmas next year. We have a lovely old Church in our town and on CHristmas Eve there is a Carol singing service. The Church has no electric so is lite by candlelight and heated by a big old wood stove. Next year a more relaxing time for sure.

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  5. I think most people I know enjoy receiving handmade gifts and knowing that you really liked your #stitchingsanta presents definitely made it all worthwhile. How lovely that Abi and Josh put all that work into making you presents as well. X

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  6. Oh Sharon I love it, love all the gifts and really love Abi’s design she stitched – you have a budding designer there! I think handmade means love, and I love to get handmade gifts. But most of my family [not close family, but the rest of them] don’t appreciate them at all. So sad.

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  7. I think an interesting thing about handmade gifts is that there’s not just more time, but I think more thought put into them. As for being a recipient, I always have a pang of fondness every time I use or look at a handmade gift whatever it is. Can’t say the same for every bought one. Have to say again those PJ cases are so wonderful.

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  8. I make quite a few gifts each year and always receive such lovely comments back that they would prefer it. Even a small papercut framed went down well with a friend when I felt bad it was so small and she bought me a couple of presents. I would love to receive gifts from my kids as they get older.

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