Thank You All!

I received this gorgeous handmade, hand embroidered stocking in the post just before Christmas.  It was from Ericka at the Ericka Eckles blog.


I was just so touched by Ericka’s kindness.  She had a giveaway that I had entered and she had picked the two winners,  I was disappointed to find that I was not one of them but then, as I scrolled on down the post, I came to my name and she was also sending one to me for all my kind comments over the year.  I felt a bit overwhelmed to be honest, it was just so kind of her.  I love Ericka’s blog as I do many others and I was pleased to know that my comments were encouraging someone.

So as it will be a year this month since I posted my first blog post, I wanted to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you have taken the time to visit my little space, read my posts and like or comment.  I would like to especially thank those of you who have taken the time to comment.  Time is precious but those comments are so encouraging and often what keeps us blogging. It is great to hear your opinion, have a chat and generally get to know you all.  I feel that over the year I have made some real friends.

So finally, as a thank you, I will be gifting two people with Ravelry Patterns, up to the value of five British pounds each.  All you need to do is  to comment on this post and your name will be entered into a draw.  I will keep it open until Friday 15th January.

Happy Crafting!!

Sharon x


32 thoughts on “Thank You All!

  1. Not only are you great at commenting on blogs, you are extra wonderful for linking on your blog to interesting blogs. Thank you for that. I just follow the links and find additional blogs to read. It’s wonderful, I so appreciate you!


  2. As you know, I also received one of Ericka’s stockings. Aren’t they just stunning? I feel blessed to have met so many interesting and talented people through blogging. I recently joined Winwick Mum’s Facebook sockalong group and everyone there has been so kind too. I wasn’t sure about blogging when I first started but it has been such a positive experience. Roll on May when I can celebrate my first year too!


  3. Sharon, you and Buttercup deserved those stockings more than you both ever shall know….your comments over the past year have encouraged so much, and your kind words regarding Bernards health made me sniff and blow my nose in a very nice way, so I don’t feel I was being particularly kind, just thanking where a thanks was due xx


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