Ravelry Pattern Giveaway

After my Thank You All post looking back over my first year of Blogging, I have used the random number generator random.org to take two names from the comments to gift a Ravelry Pattern to.

The numbers were 13….. Lorraine

and number 4 ….. Ericka Eckles!!

Isn’t that just so funny?  After writing in my post thanking you all for your support over the past year and also Ericka for the stocking which she sent me to thank me for the comments on her blog, Ericka has now won the thank you gift from me!

Congratulations Ladies, just send me an email at shar.izzard@gmail.com with a link to the pattern you would like up to the value of £5 and the email address you would like it to be sent to and I shall get that organised.

Thank you all again for your support over the past year.

Sharon xx


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