This and That!

A couple of weeks into the new year and I still find myself on a bit of a go slow.  Just quiet day to day routine with some nice creative slots here and there.

It’s great having a daughter old enough to treat you out to coffee…

And a boy to make you laugh.


The boys in Josh’s school, when the fruit is satsumas, save a section for the afternoon lesson and see who can make it last the longest.  When asked what do you with it when you have to speak to the teacher he said ‘put it here’…


We went to see my dear old Grandad at the weekend.  Hubby was putting up some extra rails on the stairs.  He is nearly 94 and still manages on his own, cooking his own meals and just having help with his cleaning and garden.  Some of the grandchildren take it in turns to do the cleaning and my Mum helps with other bits and does the garden.  He has 16 grandchildren and 49 great grandchildren with another on the way.  Most of us are fairly local and so are able to pop and see him which he loves.  There are always sweets and biscuits in the cupboard for the children!

There are so many nik-naks in his house, mostly gifts from grandchildren over the years and a whole long wall of photos. (I couldn’t fit them all in!)


We are just so blessed to still have him with us.

We have finally had a little sun which Abz tried to catch a little of while she read a book, all bundled up in the garden.


I’ve been enjoying some chai latte my Aunty brought when they came to tea and I absolutely love it!  A lovely alternative to hot chocolate.


Abi put fruit teas on her list and got this lovely tin with some great flavours in, she usually asks me to surprise her if I’m making her a drink, so I get to pick out what I fancy trying a sip of!

So far our favourite is peach and ginger which surprised us as neither of us are great fans of ginger drinks.

Josh is drinking herbal tea!!  He is really having trouble getting to sleep at night and this seems to be helping.


Are you a traditional tea and coffee drinker or do you like to experiment with flavours?

I have some crafty bits to show you soon but for now it’s goodbye so…

Happy Crafting and have a great creative week.

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x


36 thoughts on “This and That!

  1. How lovely that you still have your Grandad with you. He is so fortunate to have such a big family around. I don’t drink ordinary tea or coffee, never have, but I occasionally have a red tea to be sociable!

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  2. What a lovely huge family, with grandad at the helm, you’re very lucky! Mr H-L is now the head of our family and he’s only 49 as we’ve lost all our grandparents and only my mother survives. We have a drawer dedicated to different teas in our kitchen but, when it comes to coffee, only decaf beans cut the mustard, which we grind ourselves.

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  3. What a lovely wall of photos in your Grandad’s home, that’s really nice to see.
    I love all kinds of hot drinks but when I want something warming in the evening but not as sweet as a hot chocolate I make “golden milk” – warm milk with a pinch of turmeric, a little cinnamon, cardamom and honey. Sound weird but it’s delicious. x

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  4. I loved seeing your Grandad’s wall of loved ones, reminds me of my in-laws who used to have something similar.
    I usually drink builder’s tea but also like Darjeeling and Red bush. Fruit teas always smell lovely but I’ve found that the taste doesn’t quite match up! I like the sound of Gillian’s golden milk drink!

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    1. I use to think a wall of photos looked junky but I love it now. Just not sure Hubby would agree to it! I must admit fruit teas can be a bit like that. I think that getting the brewing time right makes a difference. Still experimenting with that one😃 I’ve never heard of the golden milk drink, will have to look the one up!


  5. I love to experiment with tea. I don’t really care to experiment with coffee, though, I’ll try sips of other peoples’, so maybe that isn’t quite true. I just know my favorite way to take coffee is with a bit of heavy cream.

    My favorite tea is Earl Grey, and sometimes I like to add sweetened condensed milk.

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  6. Your Grandad’s house looks amazing.
    I drink Redbush (Rooibos) tea. Caffeine free although that’s not actually the reason I drink it – it just tastes nice 🙂 My mum started drinking it as she had a problem with caffeine but now most of the family drink it!

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I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment. I will try to reply as soon as possible. x

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