A Few Gifts…

Christmas seems ages ago now and yet January seems to have flown by, the sun is shining and it feels like spring out there!  Secretly I’m hoping for a bit of snow before the winter is over,  enough for the kids to enjoy for a couple of days!

I still have a couple of things I made as Christmas gifts that I haven’t got around to showing you so I thought I would get a quick post in this morning.

I did a couple of stitched bible verses for two ladies at our chapel that had both lost their Husbands this past year.


For my Mother-in-law I made some simple Christmas quilted place mats to match the bunting I made for her last year


and for a little extra for my niece I made this simple sock doll with a little sleeping bag to keep her in.

I’ve got rather a social week booked including a crafty day with a friend and a refugee blanket making event to prepare for on Saturday but I shall try and pop by with another post later in the week.

I hope you all have a lovely and creative week.

Sharon xx


18 thoughts on “A Few Gifts…

  1. Sharon those verses are just lovely, what a sweet thing to do – love the placemats and the doll! Glad you’re enjoying some nice weather, we’re still quite cold here but that big snowstorm missed us completely. We could use a few more good snows, our totals are really down this year!

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    1. Thanks Allie, I wanted to do something for the two ladies as it has been such a tough year for them, both of their husbands lingered for months and it was such a tough time for them both. Glad you missed such a big storm, hopefully you may still get some more gentle snow 🙂


    1. Thanks Jennifer, I got very sweet thank you letters from them both. I’ve been writing my own thank you letters today, Got a bit behind this year, the kids beat me to it this time 🙂 Thanks, my week has been good so far, I hope your week is going well too. X


  2. You always put so much thought into the gifts you create and make them so personal to the recipient – such a skill. I’m sure a few tears were shed for the bible verses:)


  3. I love how your sock doll has a sleeping bag. Dolls need to have a few accessories to go with them, don’t you think? A sleeping bag is a cute idea. I imagine a young child putting dolly in the sleeping bag at bed time so they can both be ‘tucked in’ for the night together. Gorgeous.

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