Wips on a Go-Slow!

I feel as though I am pedaling hard and getting nowhere at the moment!  Maybe I was just so busy with making gifts before Christmas that this quieter pace feels strange!

I have made a couple of bits though.  Firstly these two wash cloths.

I thought that the wash cloths in the kids stockings would be a bit boring but when they came to use them there were instant requests for more!!  The bumpy Pattern makes them a delight to use, they are soft but the bumps massage your face!



I used the Wash cloth sampler set pattern.  It is a paid pattern from Crochet Spot but if you join for premium pattern membership at $10 a month you can download as many as you want.  They prefer you to stay with them for at least 3 months.  I did 6 months and downloaded all the patterns I was interested in during that time.

I have started another pair of socks, this time for Abi.  Again the yarn is self patterning so I have gone with a plain sock.  I am finding it really enjoyable doing a few rows here and there.


I attempted a bit of continental style knitting on the rib but got in a bit of a muddle and decided that that would have to be done with scrap yarn!!

I am really struggling with motivation for Josh’s blanket but I really need to get on with it.  I have scrapped the wave pattern I had designed and I am doing a simple shallow ripple.  I need this to be a ‘no brain’ project for those moments when I am too tired to work on anything else.  I think the lack of motivation stems from too many other interesting things to do!!

I have also made this little mouse out of felt to have as my avatar picture.


He was nice and easy to make being simple shapes.  He now sits on the little table by my chair in the lounge.

Oh yes, my pattern for the month!  I have been working on a crochet shawl which has taken quite a bit of time.


I have made one and I am just testing the pattern with another.  Abi has already claimed the first one, the browns but is now thinking maybe she prefers the second!!


I have also been experimenting with dyeing yarn and will post about that soon.  I have dyed with fabric quite a bit but not much with yarn.  I just love the effects that you can achieve!  Here’s a little teaser for you!


The list doesn’t look so sparse now that I have put it together, perhaps I have achieved a bit more than I thought after all!

How are you finding January?  Are you fired with new ideas or just taking it slowly after the Christmas rush?

Blanket making tomorrow so that should be fun, except the friend I do it with is ill. I’m really hoping she’s better for tomorrow. I’m in charge of the creative side and she organises the games afterwards and I really don’t fancy having to do that bit!!

I hope you all have a lovely and creative weekend!

Sharon xx

I love to hear from you, so please feel free to like or leave a comment.  I will try to reply as soon as possible. x




30 thoughts on “Wips on a Go-Slow!

  1. You have been busy! What a variety of projects. I love your little mouse, your felt work is so real, you can see the mouse has a personality all of its own. I will be really interested to read about your dyeing, I was only talking yesterday about using Kool Aid to dye wool. Your colours are lovely 🙂

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  2. Funny you should say “I think the lack of motivation stems from too many other interesting things to do!!” because I have been a bit the same way with my crochet. It is summer here (in South Australia) and school holidays as well so the house is full of people most days and it is a time to catch up on so many other jobs that don’t get done during school term due to lack of time/energy.
    Making your blanket an easier stitch is a good idea. One of the reasons I haven’t been crocheting much is (apart from busy doing other things) having WIPs that require extra concentration or good light. Lately, evenings have been the only time to actually sit for a moment but by then it is dark and I am too tired.
    It was funny to read your blog to realise that you are in a similar place with your WIPs although I suspect you are making more progress on your crafts than me!
    Lovely projects, Sharon xx


  3. It looks to me as if you’ve achieved quite a lot! The wash cloths are lovely and as for that little mouse – he is just SO sweet! I seem to have spent most of January in charity shops when I’ve not been at work but there is hopefully some sewing action on the horizon. x

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  4. I’ve not done crocheted washcloths, although I love doing dishcloths. I adore your little mouse, how darling!!! Well done! I think you’ve accomplished more than you think you have girl, I’m amazed at all you get done.

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  5. I love your little mouse. It’s so cute!
    Are you interested in crocheting as well? Would you like to come to my blog to see those crocheted little dogs, monkeys and rabbits, butterflies and flowers? They are very different. And very soon I’m going to post how to crochet butterfly and Everlasting Blossoms. You may have some beautiful butterflies flying in your house!

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      1. The idea of this blog is to fulfill my mother’s wish. She wished to have long lasting flowers,Everlasting Blossoms to blossom all the time and butterflies flying all year long. To keep the beautiful Spring on earth everywhere!
        I hope you would read the life story of Everlasting Blossoms as well. It tells the background of Everlasting Blossoms. Many readers love to read the stories! very much

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